Oregon Republicans Ramp Up Campaigning with “2010 Victory Program”

Oregon Republican Party Press Release

ORP Victory 2010 Super Saturday Campaign Launch Successful!

“On Saturday July 10th, Oregon Republican volunteers visited over 10,000 doors and made more than 6,000 telephone calls during the official launch of the 2010 ‘Victory Program’, a statewide Republican Party advocacy program, smashing through previous records for this kind of campaign outreach,” Oregon Republican Party Chairman Bob Tiernan said today.

“Our 2010 Victory Program is off to a spectacular start. Twenty-two partnering Republican Candidates for all offices met in seventeen locations statewide with over 150 volunteers to meet Oregonians at the doorstep and on the phone to prepare for the coming Republican Victory in the fall elections,” Chairman Tiernan said.

A highpoint of Saturday’s kickoff was a congratulatory telephone call to volunteers at the Hillsboro campaign office by House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio), who thanked them for turning out in large numbers to break campaign records for walking and phoning Oregon voters.

Oregon Republicans who would like to join in future Victory 2010 events can learn more at the Oregon Republican Party website: www.oregonrepublicanparty.org.