Willis calls on Schrader to denounce stunt

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Democrats’ Partisan point-scoring over-rides good government

Stayton, OR — Yesterday, a group of Democratic Congressmen staged a “sit-in” on the House of Representatives floor that disrupted the proceedings and forced Speaker Ryan to adjourn the House.

In a statement released today, 5th congressional district candidate Colm Willis blasted the protest. “This childish protest is not only counterproductive; it is stopping the people’s representatives from carrying out the business of the nation in the House of Representatives. After you lose a vote, you should work harder to win the next one rather than throw a tantrum on the House floor.”

The Democrats are staging the stunt to protest the lack of gun control legislation in the aftermath of the attack in Orlando. The gun control measures they wanted to pass had already been defeated in the Senate, and they did not have the votes to bring them to a vote in the House.

Willis slammed the action as a political stunt, not serious governing. “At a time when our nation is under threat from ISIS attacks and our economy is at risk of dipping back into recession, the Democrats would rather engage in legislative blackmail than work to solve our nation’s problems. This is an attempt to turn a republic into a mobocracy.”

“I call on my opponent, Kurt Schrader, to condemn this mob action and allow the House to return to its normal business.”