I may not have to hold my nose in November after all

Dan Lucas_July 2012_BW

by Dan Lucas

Finally a ray of hope.

This has not been a pleasant election cycle for me. I have especially been disappointed in my fellow Republican voters in the presidential primary. I have been disappointed with Democratic voters for a much longer time.

I have been preparing myself to hold my nose and vote for Trump in November.

Hillary would be a disaster for the country. Her scandals are too numerous to count, she’s utterly self-serving and untrustworthy, and despite a very long and public career, she has few if any accomplishments. But most concerning would be her ability to appoint more liberal judges to the U.S. Supreme Court. Liberal judges who would legislate from the bench and “re-interpret” the U.S. Constitution – judges whose view of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” doesn’t include protecting life or liberty.

My choice in November, then, seemed to be vote for Hillary or vote for Trump. Not much of a choice, but I couldn’t do anything that would help Hillary get elected. One more grin and bear it moment.

You know those grin and bear it moments? When you’re a guest and someone has spent a great deal of effort preparing something you can’t stand. When you have to pretend you’re excited about the latest fad programs and acronyms at work. When you have to act like you’re interested in a topic of conversation that is turning minutes into an eternity. Or more seriously, when you know your tax dollars are being used to pay for abortions that deliberately end innocent lives. If I can, I try to avoid those moments. I find the more I’m able to avoid those moments, the greater my quality of life and in certain cases the more at peace I am with my conscience.

Which takes us back to November. One more grin and bear it moment, right? Or is it?

Here’s where the ray of hope comes in. Fellow Oregon conservative Thomas J. Miller had an online post recently that pointed out that due to the winner-take-all basis of Oregon’s Electoral College votes, my not voting for Trump won’t help Hillary in this deep blue state. No matter what I do in November, it will not change Oregon’s seven Electoral Votes going to Hillary Clinton. Recent polling shows Hillary with a 14 percent lead in Oregon over Trump.

Regarding Oregon’s status as a deep blue state: as of the end of June, Oregon had more than an 11% Democratic statewide voter registration advantage – the largest Democratic advantage in at least the last 15 years, possibly ever. Last October, The Hill ranked Oregon the 3rd bluest state in the U.S. (behind Washington & Minnesota), and noted that Oregon had voted for the Democratic presidential candidate in the last seven elections. The last time Oregon voted for a Republican for president was 32 years ago, in 1984, for Ronald Reagan against Walter Mondale. In a May 10th article on Hillary Clintons’s problem with still losing primary battles to Bernie Sanders, Politco noted Oregon “is among the most liberal states in the country.”

I will definitely be voting this November – there are many excellent Republican candidates to vote for down ballot and there are important ballot measures – but I am greatly relieved at the prospect of not having to vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. It would be much easier to face myself the morning after the election.

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  • Dick Winningstad

    Surrendering Oregon to the Dems is just not a good idea. You might be surprised this time around. That is unless you do your bit to hand the state to Ms. Clinton by voting for Mr. Miller.

    • Emperor’s Close

      You can tell a Dem Oregon foreigner but not anything else. “`Hello, just keeping their oars from rowing over our lakes and streams making wakes and screams, so hemp us God, just a foregone contusion before Avakian, Brown and Kotekelican wings find other ways and means to dive into and embed our Pearl Harbor.

      • Making adjective abounds

        …making virulent wakes…

    • DavidAppell

      The majority of Oregonians know that Trump is a vile, bigoted, racist, cheat of a businessman.

      Republicans have demonstrated a hatred for America by nominating him.

      • Dick Winningstad

        Ms. Clinton has Mr. Trump beat. Where as Mr. Trump has made money as a businessman, a vile aspect of a person to a liberal, Ms Clinton has decades of grotesque stuff on her record. From being fired from the Watergate Committee for lying, to bashing the people that her husband raped, to sleeping when her ambassador was being killed, to selling favors from the government in exchange for big contributions to the Clinton Crime Fund, to using an illegal private server that was hacked by the Russians for official business when she was Sec. of State. Ms. Clinton is a criminal and cheat. Yet you support her. Why?

        • DavidAppell
          • Dick Winningstad

            Hmmm… lots of liberal publications don’t like Mr. Trump? What a shock.

          • Hosen Chi Minth

            Crop ewe rotten DavidAappell, sling yours over to ISIS to cache’ it you woebegone swallower.

          • guest

            You like like a Nuclear Korean shrug in bed with a Koran Iranian prostitootie!

          • guest

            DavidAppell peers an unfathomable jackass from cesspool of libtard aggregation banality.

        • DavidAppell

          Dick wrote:
          “From being fired from the Watergate Committee for lying….”

          Dick you are a POS f-cking liar.

          “Hillary Clinton was not fired from the House Judiciary Committee’s Watergate investigation by Chief Counsel Jerry Zeifman,” Snopes.com 10/21/14

          • David Johnson

            Snopes is a liberal organization of course they would say that.

          • Robert

            You know that how?

          • David Johnson

            Look it up for crying out loud.
            See who owns it.
            I’m not going to do your work for you.

          • Robert

            Got it. Your assertion needs no evidence… /s


          • jmac

            Uh huh. You must not have reached 3rd grade yet, where they learn to provide links to actual legitimate sites to back your ludicrous claims or STFU.

          • Robert

            He could have saved himself the embarrassing moment by having done the basic snopes check himself….
            I know that the little bit of critical thinking required for evaluating resources is taught in upper elementary, so it seems that is about wheN he seems to have stopped paying attention in school.

          • guest

            Puson U, Mr Fallowing Appell, Hambassador for a New Whorld Ardor for secular consortiums.

      • David Johnson

        And Clinton is a liar, cheat, thief, etc., etc.
        Tough choice this election.
        We don’t know what Trump would do if elected, good or bad. But ………
        we know Hillary will destroy the United States after stealing everything she can.

  • Bob Clark

    I vot’n’ for Mr. T. But I can tell you this is a most divisive time, as half my extended family hates Mr. T and the other half hates Crooked Queen Hillary. I vote for Mr. T because it’s the best hope of preserving the quaint idea of god given rights, and limits on government. With the Queen, it quickly goes to being rights only those permitted you by government. America becomes not much than Europe, which is likely to succumb to civil war. The U.S. might be too far behind.

    Those that hate Mr. T have good cause. But I think we can survive him. One of the bigger knocks is he is a war monger. But seeing how he has his own buildings around the world, maybe he wouldn’t like war as it might risk his buildings getting blown up. His ideas on trade are not good, and are an economic risk. But like I said, this one is about the quaint idea of god given rights, i.e, limits on government power.

    As for Oregon, it benefits from a variety of factors that are able to over come its corrupt one party rule. Kitzhaber recognized there was limits to how far he could go with statism. But Brown and Kotek, not so much. Therefore, Oregon probably hits a real hard hitting wall come the next recession. Lot’s of folks dependent on government, and budgets heavily reliant on continued immigration from other states.

    • DavidAppell

      Trump mocked a disabled person. This is the vile human being you will be voting for.

      • Red Tide Show ‘n Tells

        Your shtick is so libtard bento not even some mollusk from the depths of smell wants to hang out upon your bar branch DavidAppell swoosh!

  • MrBill

    You can take comfort in keeping a clear conscience by not voting for Trump, but that’s small comfort given that one of the two will eventually occupy the Oval Office.

    It will be an interesting four years regardless of who wins. And not necessarily good interesting.

  • Granola girl

    If you don’t vote Dan, you have no right to complain for 4 years whoever gets into office!!

  • DavidAppell

    Thanks for being one conservative who, finally, has some principles he takes seriously.

    • Wrought On

      Peas pass the pot of Appell mirage over onto the ISIS smelting pot on the plains of sMarmyGeddon

    • Gardenhomeboy

      I take my principles seriously, that is why I am voting for the only Republicans on the ballot, Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.

      • Dick Winningstad

        Too bad you are doing your bewst to elect a Democrat criminal.

        • Dick Winningstad’s inner Dialo

          Vs voting for, a Democrat (turned republican) sleeve ball with no moral integrity or policy knowledge of his own? Hillary will win Oregon NO MATTER WHAT you or I do. It sucks, but I would rather lose this year, be stuck with Obama 2.0 for a couple years, and come out ahead next cycle.

          • Dick Winningstad

            Ms. Clinton is a criminal. Mr. Trump may get liberals mad, but he has not been bought by Russian Uranium companies or tried to wreck the reputation of people that accused her husband of attacking them.

          • Gardenhomeboy

            I agree, she is a criminal. Trump has done his fair share of bad/unsavory stuff. I am not voting for her or for Donald. I will vote for Republican governors who cut taxes, improved government services, make us more free individuals, and protected the Constitution.

      • DavidAppell

        Good luck. They don’t have a chance, and your vote helps HClinton.

  • Ron Glynn

    When the campaign season started, I said any of the 17 Republican candidate would be better than Hillary. I supported Ben Carson as my 1st choice. After he dropped out, I thought either Trump or Cruz would be the nominee. I now support Trump 100%. Either Trump or Clinton will win. The Libertarian and the Green candidates will not go anywhere. I guess a person can say that they are not voting for either Trump or Clinton because they are standing on principle. If so, they can watch from the sidelines.

    • DavidAppell

      You support a man who mocked a disabled person. Excepting violence, is there a more despicable thing any man can do?

      • Don’t settee nr nyappellshree

        Go break a lego Appellsaucer lumbago carney!

        • Mikey likes it

          ODFW has ayes upon listing you in the same class as dose in the state of Texas retarding maverick boss hogs rout in the wild.

          • Mli

            DA that is for assure.

      • Dick Winningstad

        And you support a woman who tore down the reputations of women that her husband raped. It is weird that you support this person.

        • DavidAppell

          You keep lying. Lying is second nature to you, isn’t it?

          • guest

            Fanook ewe, postural lecturer to the choir of self indulgent schism.

      • Ron Glynn

        I am damn sure not going to support the lying greedy dishonest witch so her horn dog husband can get back into the WH which he disgraced. She lied, lied, lied, and lied about her email problem and denied sending Classified Information. This was verified when the FBI Director just recently answered Congressman Gowdy’s pointed questions about whether or not she told the truth. Go watch the video. Lesser people doing lesser things of that nature have gone to jail! If she will compromise our National Security Secrets by her wreck less behavior of violating rules by having her own email server for SOS business, she is not fit to serve as Commander In Chief. She called the FBI process a Review. The FBI does not Review, they Investigate.
        She and her husband’s Foundation is just a giant slush fund for them. Big Champion of the Gay Community and Women. Baloney! She has accepted millions from Islamic Countries that persecute Gays, even kill them and treat women like dogs. I could go for hour about how bad she is, but it would be lost on you as I know your style over the years. You never once admit anything you might say maybe wrong after hearing counter arguments. You are just so cocksure right! She makes Trump look like a choir boy. If you want to vote for Hillary or just sit this one out, then do it.
        Okay, I admit Trump is a sleaze bag, but Hillary is the Grand Champion of All Sleaze Bags!.

        • DavidAppell

          You support a man who openly mocked a disabled person.

          I can’t think of anything lower than that, anything more cowardly.

          • Ron Glynn

            David, is that all you have? Keep banging that drum and you will get nowhere. I would have expected a better comeback from you on how you think Hillary is a superior candidate. Vote for Trump or Vote For Clinton or sit on the sidelines. Trump is a flaw human being. On the other hand, Hillary is total phony serial liar who should not be trusted to be Commander In Chief. It is simply amazing how much she has done wrong for the last 30 years and yet slithers out of any trouble. Explains why some refer her to as the “Teflon Hag”

          • guest

            “Teflon Hag” – to wit, write on sins most absolutely forget Madam Bovary, Tokyo Rose, Hanoi Jayne, CONme Kosuda and toady Debbie Wasserman ho’s eyes cannot see and know nothing else Schultz.

          • DavidAppell

            Trump is more than a flawed human being — he lies each and every day about the smallest of things.

            Worst of all, this cretinous man mocked a disabled person. And you support him. Do you not have the slightest bit of personal integrity?

          • DavidAppell

            “It is simply amazing how much she has done wrong for the last 30 years….”

            List them. Try not to lie.

          • Nuts 2 your Bastognian cashews

            Your rants afire smelling like a North Korea consort, butt not here in the USA, doused DavidAppell…still trying to sell US on the mean streets of Bloomburg NYC and Chicago’s Rahm Emmanuel cuspidor outside his tin drowning streak address.

          • Bagwan with ewe

            You bong on the shores of Benghazi, by the shores of Tripoli, thou demigod jihadist pawn.

      • Parisimo Observer

        Urine a sicko gene pool, monsewer!

  • Connie Kosuda

    you prefer the pedophile rapist, I see……………………

  • Sandy VJ

    There are two criteria and only two criteria to consider when voting for the President of the Estados Unidos. The first and most important is character, the second is leadership capabilities.
    Trump was born with a silver spoon, has had advantages that most only dream of and still managed to screw up half of everything he has touched including two marriages. Give examples of him doing things for others and not just for his own self interest and promotion. Leadership? I don’t think so!
    Queen Hillary as conservatives like to call her. Actually an impressive history of public service and leadership but I don’t know if I could actually vote for another “Clinton”.
    And then (wait for it)…..…There is Gary Johnson. Please, if there is some flaw in his character, let me know! His leadership skills are unimpeachable and he is fiscally conservative. For the life of me I can’t figure out why more conservatives are not behind this guy!? Oh yeah, that’s right, I forgot! Today’s “conservatives ” have transformed themselves into a bunch of cowering little girls afraid of their own shadow!.

    • Nuts to your Bastogne rants

      You’re so sicko, butt exemplary of what’s succoring US into the pathos of bad smell.“`Demsheeple like ewe insist on pullng the wool over eyes just like every other left wing fleecing in flagrant fallen down history including Nazionale Socialism.

    • MrBill

      Right on in your take on Trump. But as bad as he is, he’s still not the worst.

      There’s some things about Hillary that can’t be overlooked. Her record as SOS is less than impressive. Here’s her record there.

      Libya-She supporting taking out Gaddafi. Now the country is a haven for Jihadists.

      Egypt-She supported the Muslim Brotherhood taking out Mubarek. This would have turned Egypt into another Jihadist haven had the Egyptian military not acted.

      Iran-She supported the Iran deal. This deal will lead to Jihadists with nukes.

      Syria-Our sort-of involvement has made things worse allowing ISIS to get a better foothold. More Jihadists.

      The Reset with Russia-Buddying up with Russia lead to them being more aggressive against the Ukranians and others. Now neither Russia or our allys who depend on us for protection fear or trust us. But there is a bright side. No Jihadists.

      Iraq-This pulled Iraq out of the fire. She opposed it. Furthermore, because we didn’t maintain a presence, ISIS got its foot in the door and turned a big part of Iraq into a Jihadi stronghold.

      Good point on Gary Johnson though. I certainly haven’t ruled him out for the same reasons you gave and as Mr. Lucas cited.

  • David Johnson

    Thank you Dan Lucas …….. for nothing.
    Your vote will go towards a Clinton win.

    • Yabba Dabba Doodler

      aMounting St. Helen’s observatory, indict her now before her *hit becomes prelate.

  • Eric Shierman

    Thanks for saying this Dan. It needed to be said on this site.

  • barttels

    I’ve been saying this for months. The presidential election may be at issue in the country, but it was settled before it began in Oregon. Its electoral votes are a given. All the hot air here is just wasted. Grandstanding for the most part.

    Meanwhile, there are many other important issues, campaigns and races at stake.

  • Centrist moderates agree

    Charred lessons learned: If only the electorate had gone for Romney/Ryan in 2012, The US political system wouldn’t be in such a mell of a hess today.