Senator Martha Schrader caught making false push calls

Senate Republicans Demand Martha Schrader Stop False Push Polls
From The Leadership Fund

CANBY, OR – In the wake of sinking poll numbers, State Senator Martha Schrader launched a desperate and false attack on her opponent Alan Olsen. Over the weekend Schrader’s campaign started running a push poll with questions about Olsen that have no basis in fact. “Senator Schrader is just now realizing that her votes in Salem are absolutely contrary to the majority of people in her district. She is seeing the same polls numbers we are, and she is very nervous,” said Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day). “In this political climate and looking at current polls in her district, she should be nervous. To go negative so early in this campaign is very telling. This is a desperate and despicable act.” The Senate Republicans are calling on Schrader to end her push poll and apologize to Olsen for the false statements. The information in the push poll is so far from the truth that The Leadership Fund, the campaign arm of the Senate Republican Caucus, is considering legal action against the Democrat campaign that ran the poll under the Oregon Corrupt Practices Act. A citizen who received the poll took detailed notes on the questions asked.

“Anyone who knows Alan knows that what Senate Democrats are saying about him isn’t true. Just because a citizen decides to run for office doesn’t mean that there is a free opportunity to smear them in their community. No one deserves to be exposed to this type of slander,” said Senator Larry George (R-Sherwood) who is part of the Senate Republican Campaign Team. “Senator Richard Devlin, as the leader of the Senate Democrat campaign committee, knows better. This is not a good way for the Democrats to start the final push toward November.”

Push polls are used by some political campaigns to spread false information about an opponent under the guise of a true poll.

Alan Olsen is a small business owner and veteran. He is running as the Republican and Independent Nominee in Senate District 20. Senate District 20 includes the communities of Canby, Oregon City, Milwaukie and Gladstone.