Republicans are walking into a poll trap

GOP is walking into a poll trap
By NW Spotlight,

This Week a Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll showed positive ratings for Republicans hitting a new record low of 24%. Democrats have a positive rating of 33%. Both parties have negative ratings about the same 44-45%. Does that sound like a permanent love affair with Republicans and a divorce from Democrats? I didn’t think so.

Republicans seem to boast about the Fox News poll last week showing a 11% edge in voters choosing Republican over Democrat. What none of these Republicans mention is that in the same poll is that most of these same voters think Republicans in charge will bring no real change. 37% see GOP takeover as no change, 36% see it as a positive change and 21% say it is worse. Boasting one side of a poll without the other is missing the major point. If Republicans do not lead with winning ideas and work together any November victories will be gone within months. It is that fragile. Do not kid yourselves!

November 2010 will likely be a Republican wave, but not for “Republican” sakes. What is driving the wave are three factors; (1) the bad economy (which will turn against the party in power), (2) a terrible President (Obama hits new -22% negative spread), and (3) the backlash against Obama’s liberal legislation which polling issue by issue has him against public will. Republicans need to understand this least they revisit the mistakes of 2006 and 2008. The public’s attention span for answers is short and Republicans who have little spotlight now will only have a few major chances to define themselves and produce results.

All this talk of polls and victory is laying Republicans a trap for themselves. They need to spend more time talking about what they are going to do.