Oregon lags nation in income, has higher poverty

US Census chart_Oregon 2016_thb

by NW Spotlight

Back in May the U.S. Census Bureau released some relevant statistics of the voting-age population in advance of the Oregon primary. The release, titled Demographic and Economic Profiles of Oregon’s Electorate, included a graphic comparing Oregon to the national average in a number of demographic and economic categories.

The U.S. Census Bureau statistics showed that Oregon lags the nation in income. The median household income for the nation is $53,657 and in Oregon it’s $51,075. Oregon is 4.8% below the national median household income – $2,582 a year less for Oregon households.

Oregon also has a higher poverty rate. The poverty rate for the U.S. is 13.6%. Oregon’s poverty rate is 1.6% higher than the nation’s poverty rate. Oregon’s poverty rate is 15.2%.

US Census chart_Oregon May 2016

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