Poverty has grown under Monnes-Anderson

Scott Hansen for State Senate

Oregon families need new leadership with vision of prosperity for all

Salem, OR – New census data released Thursday and reported by the Associated Press reveals sobering realities felt in living rooms across Oregon and highlights the urgency of this November’s battle for control of the state legislature. Oregon leads the nation in the use of food stamps, showed significant increases in the state’s poverty rate and saw a decline in the state’s median income.

“Yet again, Oregon is at the top for all the wrong reasons,” said Senate candidate Scott Hansen (R-Gresham). “Oregon’s families continue to face the consequences of the legislature’s broken economic policies and lack of vision. Our state should be at the vanguard of this nation’s economy, with our families experiencing all of the opportunities that come with a prosperous state. This November’s election can set a new vision and direction for Oregon that gives family’s the chance to succeed.”

Oregon families are making less, relying on the government more and sinking into poverty in larger numbers. Oregon was one of 17 states to show a statistically significant increase in its poverty rate. In 2011, Oregon’s poverty rate climbed to over 17%, meaning more than 660,000 Oregonians are living in poverty today. According to the US Census Bureau, under Democrat control of state economic policy, more than 60,000 Oregonians slipped below the poverty line in the last year alone. (1)

In another key indicator, Oregon’s average income declined by more than $1,000, a two percent decrease. (2)

While the nation as a whole set a record for food stamp utilization, with 1 in 8 families receiving assistance, Oregon lead the way with a startling 1 in every 5 families receiving government aid. (3)

“I want to go to Salem and push practical, comprehensive ideas that give Oregon families a chance to leave poverty behind and take a step towards prosperity,” said Hansen. “My opponent has spent the past ten years in office as part of a Democratic regime dedicated to opposing and stopping ideas that would put Oregon back to work. The result of Democratic control in Oregon is widespread poverty and hunger.”

Scott Hansen is drafting legislation that could put Oregonians back to work and help slash some of the state’s more embarrassing statistics. Hansen wants to fast-track the availability of shovel ready job sites. He wants to put a two-year moratorium on agency rule making authority and cut back on bureaucrat’s ability to fine, fee and penalize employers. He will work to reduce the tax burden on families and small businesses so they can grow and thrive. Similar ideas have been proposed in recent legislative sessions, but have been blocked by Democrats in control of the State Senate.

“November gives Oregonians a clear opportunity to make a change,” said Hansen. “Oregonians can elect leaders with a vision for opportunity and prosperity and a plan to get there.”

Scott Hansen is running for State Senator of District 25, including Gresham, Troutdale, Fairview, and Wood Village. Scott Hansen is a life-long Gresham resident. He grew up in Gresham, attended Gresham High School before joining the Navy in 1984. In the Navy, Scott began his dental work and upon returning from duty in 1990, he began practicing in the Gresham area. Scott has been involved on many boards and committees and has been a passionate supporter of public education in Gresham for decades. Scott is the proud father and stepfather of nine wonderful children (seven daughters and two sons) and eight grandchildren.


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