Executive Club: Oregon Director for Trump

jacob-danielsJacob Daniels, Oregon Trump Dir.
Guest Speaker,
Executive Club Meeting
7:00pm • Wed. Sept. 7th
Airport Shilo Inn

Jacob is the State Director in Oregon for Mr. Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

Daniels is an attorney who has served on a number of statewide campaigns and is a respected opposition researcher, currently on sabbatical from the Washington D.C. based Sonoran Policy Group, where he serves as special counsel to the Chairman. As a native of Oregon, Daniels wants nothing more than to turn Oregon red and win up-and-down the ticket in 2016.

So set aside pessimism, quit thinking of Oregon as Forever Blue,and join us Wednesday night.

Here’s optimism for you:

Trump knows how to negotiate, and that’s what this job is all about.

Like reconfiguring government so commerce can employ 94 million who’ve given up.
Like structuring borders and immigration so those who obey the rules are first in line.
Like pursuing trade deals that favor both partners, not just the other side.

And here’s the movie scene: Lady Liberty, bending over R2D2, saying,
“Help us, Donald J. Trump! You’re our only hope.”