Reminder: Brad Avakian’s history of delinquent taxes

Brad Avakian

Brad Avakian

by NW Spotlight

Brad Avakian is the current Oregon Labor Commissioner and he’s the Democratic candidate for Oregon Secretary of State.

He supports Measure 97the largest tax increase in Oregon’s history.

Avakian’s also someone who should understand how excessive taxes can hurt Oregonians – someone who should understand why businesses like Powell’s Books are concerned that Measure 97 could force them out of business.

Willamette Week reported back in 2011 that Avakian hasn’t always paid his taxes on time. In 2005, the IRS filed a $13,120 lien against Avakian for unpaid federal income taxes dating back to 2002.

Avakian also failed to pay his Washington County property taxes of about $4,000 in 2006. He paid them seven months late, along with $500 of interest charges.

One of the responsibilities of the secretary of state is to be the auditor of public accounts: they examine and audit accounts of all publicly funded boards, commissions and agencies.

Given Avakian’s own history of tax delinquency, where is his compassion for those who will be hurt by Measure 97 and also should someone with his personal tax history be entrusted to be Oregon’s auditor of public accounts?