Poll: Oregonians back Dudley plan over Kitzhaber 2-to-1

Oregonians Favor Dudley’s Economic Plan Over Kitzhaber’s 2 to 1

A KATU viewer’s poll yesterday showed Oregonians prefer Chris Dudley’s economic plan over John Kitzhaber’s plan by a margin of 2 to 1. KATU asked viewers: Whose economic plan do you think will make Oregon’s economy stronger? Results of the poll were as follows:

Chris Dudley: 54%
John Kitzhaber: 23%

And How Exactly Does John Kitzhaber’s Economic Plan Save Money…We asked the two major-party candidates for governor to list the top three things they would do to save the state money or reduce the amount of money the state spends. We asked them to be as specific as possible and to include estimated savings for each proposal. John Kitzhaber – Estimated savings: None given. (“Oregon’s money crisis: What the gubernatorial candidates say, Harry Esteve, Oregonian 8/21/10)

Click here to read Chris Dudley’s 26 point plan to control spending and reform the way Oregon budgets and prioritizes government services