Lars Larson: A ban on bullets

I’ve been hearing about this threat for the last several months—that the Environmental Protection Agency might try to backdoor a ban on bullets.

I’ve always expected the Obama administration, Attorney General Eric Holder or the President himself, to try to ban guns. After all, that’s been the President’s history back when he was an Illinois state lawmaker. But, instead of going about it that way, environmental groups have petitioned the EPA to ban lead bullets.

That would make all ammunition much more expensive. It will make it more expensive for folks to own guns, practice with guns, and even shoot guns. It will make it more expensive for folks to arm themselves as the Constitution guarantees.

Well, it turns out it didn’t work. The EPA had to turn it down and turn down the petition to ban lead bullets. Why? Because there was so much public outcry.

Another win against the Obamanation.

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