Cartoon: Gov. Kate Brown blocking public records

Cartoon showcases Governor Kate Brown’s blocking public records.
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon
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Gov. Kate Brown pledged to be more transparent than the disgraced and forced to resign Gov. Kitzhaber, but in many ways Kate Brown is making is becoming more non-transparent. Simple public records requests for Gov. Brown’s staff calendar by Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation has been delayed for over four months. Four months! This is despite charging then over $2,000 to fulfill the request that has not happened yet.

Public officials cannot withhold public documents simply because the records might be embarrassing or they wish to shield themselves from criticism.

Even the media is criticizing Gov. Kate Brown for blocking public access. The Portland Tribune reported earlier this year,

“Brown and lawmakers have done little to increase transparency…Brown’s office has adopted unwritten policies that preclude the media from speaking to her advisers and limit the public’s ability to observe policymaking.”

Taxpayers have a right to know where our tax dollars are being spent and what our government employees are doing. That requires public disclosure. By delaying, blocking or charging excessive fees, government in effect strips away the rights of the citizens to know what their government is doing. Governor Kate Brown’s four month delay is unacceptable for a simple calendar request.

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