Lars Larson: He was an eco-terrorist

Do you suppose, just this one time, the main stream media could call this guy what he really is — a domestic eco-terrorist?

It was an ugly situation, a hostage taking, and in a very strange place, the headquarters of the Discovery Channel. The bad guy was an eco-terrorist. Why do I call him that? He had a gun. He had bombs. He took hostages. He threatened to hurt people and he did it all to push a political point of view.

By the way, according to reports from the scene, his political point of view was inspired by Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. He railed on his website against global warming, against human population of the earth. In fact, he called human population “the filth on the earth” and said the earth didn’t need more population. It needed a smaller population and he wanted the Discovery Channel to bring that about.

He was an eco-terrorist. I just want the mainstream media to call him what he was.

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  • Founding Fathers

    So, Lars, are you going to blame right-wing talkers like yourself for the gunmen that have been avid fans of Beck, Limbaugh, and Hannity, and have had right-wing books at home?

    Oh, I keep forgetting, the rules are different for you on the right.

  • Founding Fathers

    Oh, and how about Lars’ former stationg-mate, Michael Wiener, and his advocacy of terrorism?

  • Founding Fathers
    • Rupert in Springfield

      Do you always just make things up in your posts? I mean this is getting ridiculous. How in the world is Lars connected to your mosque story?

      Look, get over it. The Discovery channel gunman/bomber was on the phone with reporters ranting about global warming and explicitly claimed Al Gore’s book as an inspiration.

      The guy was clearly an eco terrorist by any meaning of the term.

      Trying to connect Lars by quoting a random mosque story isn’t going to get you anywhere. However it does continue to reinforce the impression of you as someone who has a real propensity to make things up.

      This is about as bad as when you were running around here claiming the Senate didn’t investigate wheather McCains birth status made him eligable or ineligible to run for the presidency.

      Get over it, Lee, was an eco terrorist who stated categorically to NBC reporters that he was inspired by Al Gores book.

      Lee was just the latest in a long line of eco terrorists and frankly the only thing remarkable about the story is that the media actually reported on it.

      • Founding Fathers


        Lars is blaming Al Gore for the Discovery Channel gunman. By that same logic, those who been critical of Islam as a whole are also responsible for the mosque arson.

        But it’s typical of the right wing–all liberals are to blame for anything loosely connected with them, but right-wingers are never to blame for actions of fellow right-wingers.

        • Steve Plunk

          The Left has often blamed violence on right wing rhetoric. Even a former Dem president made the connection. Turn about is fair play.

          The connection with this nut is easy to make since he made it himself by citing Al Gore and his work as the inspiration for his actions. Don’t blame Lars or the Right for his own admissions.

          I don’t recall many gunman claiming to be Beck fans. Could you remind me of who they were? And if such a gunman were a fan of Beck that still make Beck the inspiration for his violence. Our eco nut made it clear who inspired him.

          Your outrage is misplaced and nonsensical.

          • Founding Fathers

            Tell me, Steve, where in Al Gore’s book does he advocate violence?

            Contrast that with Coulter, who has advocated “physical intimidation” of liberals and the bombing of the NYT building.

          • Steve Plunk

            You would have had to ask the gunman since he’s the one who cited Gore’s work as his inspiration. Maybe the Earth First! people would also like to explain how violence is justified in defense of mother earth. Or maybe the Animal Liberation Front.

          • Founding Fathers


            Answer the damn question. Where in Al Gore’s book does he advocate violence? Just because someone twisted his words doesn’t mean that he’s the cause.

            Is Jesus to blame for the Oklahoma City bombing because Timothy McVeigh called himself a Christian and found inspiration in the Bible?

          • Steve Plunk

            Answer the damn question? My someone is demanding and losing control much like losing the argument. Like you say below, someone forgot their manners.

            The point being made, the one you are missing, is that both side do this so put a lid on your indignation. The difference in this case and with the Earth First! crowd is no one assume their motivation but rather the voice it themselves. Our gunman in this case certainly did.

          • Founding Fathers

            Mr. Plunk,

            No, both sides don’t do this. Your side has people who actually advocate violence in prominent positions, and in fact get paid by the Republican Party to do fundraisers–notice Ann Coulter’s upcoming visit. My side doesn’t.

            So, perhaps the Discovery Channel gunman read Al Gore’s book. Big deal. That doesn’t make Al Gore responsible. If he read the Bible, does that make Jesus responsible? It’s just a ridiculous attempt by Lars “I can get away with making stuff up because I’m a right-wing radio host” Larson to blame something on Al Gore that Al Gore had nothing to do with, and it’s reprehensible.

            If Lars was in almost any other job, he’d quickly get fired for his propensity for making things up and passing it off as fact. But because he’s a right-wing radio host, he as absolutely no accountability. Five years ago he sent out a Katrina timeline that he attributed to the Times Picayune, but it didn’t seem to match any info that came from the Times Picayune. When asked for a link or source at the T-P, Lars chose not to provide one, even though he frequently says on his show that he’ll gladly provide sources.

            His bosses at KXL chose not to hold him accountable. Apparently the rules are different for people like Lars.

        • Rupert in Springfield

          >Lars is blaming Al Gore for the Discovery Channel gunman.

          No, again you are making things up. Lars stated what the gunman told NBC himself, that Al Gores
          book made him born again.

          >But it’s typical of the right wing–all liberals are to blame for anything loosely connected with them

          Again you are making things up – this was not a loose connection, Lee himself told NBC that Al Gores book was central to his entire being in this regard.

          Look – just stop making things up and maybe you will get here.

          Lee was on the phone with hostages at gun point yammering to NBC about Al Gores book, for you to claim that is a loose association is utterly ridiculous.

          Then again, since the central point of almost every post you make here is a made up fact its kind of par for the course.

          • Founding Fathers

            Sorry, Dupert, but just because Lee was “inspired” by Al Gore’s book doesn’t make Gore responsible for Lee’s actions, just as the Beatles aren’t responsible for Charles Manson’s crimes. Gore doesn’t call for violence. Coulter has. Savage has.

            Lars doesn’t exactly blame Gore, but what’s the point of mentioning it if he’s not trying to make the connection?

          • d’oh!

            “FF” – try corresponding after your CPU is connected to the bus.

  • valley p

    “Do you suppose, just this one time, the main stream media could call this guy what he really is — a domestic eco-terrorist?”

    ABC World News called him an “Radical Environmentalist”
    The Washington Post called him an “Environmental Militant”

    Not good enough? Whatever.

    Lee was also anti-immigration, so I suppose we could call him an “anti immigration terrorist.”
    He may have been Canadian, so he could be our first “Canadian terrorist.”

  • Founding Fathers


    It turns out he was also an anti-immigration terrorist, so if you’re going to blame Al Gore, take a share for yourself.

  • Anonymous

    There is a misanthropic tinge to certain fringe elements of the environmental movement and this wacko certainly belonged to that fringe, but he is as far from mainstream environmentalism as neo-Nazi skinheads are from mainstream Republicanism.

  • Founding Fathers

    I love the headline — “Lars Larson: He was an eco-terrorist”

    I would not have guessed that about Lars. I guess his right-wing antics on the radio are all a ruse.

  • Founding Fathers

    Lars wrote this to me awhile back:

    “I take responsibility for myself and my actions and words. I think those who misbehaved should be ashamed. Collective guilt I will leave to the collectivist democrats like you”

    Except that when it comes to environmentalists, Muslims, and Mexicans, then he does believe in collectivist guilt.

    It’s so sad to see, because Lars was a good reporter, but now he’s just a partisan hack. I wonder how much he got for selling his soul.

  • Founding Fathers

    Are Bill O’Reilly, Michael Savage, and Sean Hannity to blame for Jim Adkisson’s crime? Or does this apply only to those perceived as liberal?

    • David Appell

      This is a good question. AP, 7/28/08, KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — “An out-of-work truck driver accused of opening fire at a Unitarian church, killing two people, left behind a note suggesting that he targeted the congregation out of hatred for its liberal policies, including its acceptance of gays, authorities said Monday.”

  • Jack

    Founding a**************. The Shooter was a ECO-************* And a Nobama Voter.
    Plus the population has gone down by one. You should be proud of this Achievement.

    PS: FOUNDING A******************, enjoy the Permanant Minority STARTING NOVEMBER 3

    • Founding Fathers

      Dear Jack,

      It’s clear that you’ve forgotten any manners taught to you by your parents, and instead taken on the manners of Lars Larson. How disrespectful of your parents.

      • conservatively speaking

        There’s role models’ (like Lars) and ‘troll models’ (like FF) appearing a a Kool-Aid baptized member of Seattle’s DNC “Fremont” clan. Pity!

        • Founding Fathers

          Lars would have been fired from a real journalism job a long time ago.

          And he used to be a good journalist. It’s too bad.

  • Anonymous

    Did Lars “blame” Al Gore?

  • Jack

    Dear Founding Marxist

    It’s clear that you should go back to CUBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • JR

    It is patently obvious to the uninitiated that ‘Founding Fathers’ is a troll harboring anger over the failure of his favorite radio network, ‘Air America’ and a jealous rage over the success of a radio host that mocks the hypocrisies of the left. He states, “…he’d quickly get fired for his propensity for making things up and passing it off as fact.” and “…His bosses at KXL chose not to hold him accountable. Apparently the rules are different for people like Lars.”

    Had this same logic been applied to the hosts at Air America, the network would likely have succeeded.

    Applying that logic to KXL, Lars is at the helm of a failing radio network.

    If ‘FF’ really wanted to see Lars fail, he would cease pointing out Lars’ failings and simply let KXL fail.

    In a sense, FF is perpetuating the success of Lars and, on that basis, mocks his own words with every trolling post response here.

    Personally, I am amused that FF is a closet Lars supporter.

    Keep up the good work, Lars. With ‘supporters’ like ‘FF’, your success is assured.

    • Founding Fathers

      No, I’m not jealous, nor angry about the demise of Air America. Most of the hosts from AA are still on, anyway.

      What’s sad is that Lars used to be a good journalist. Now he’s a hack who makes stuff up and gets away with it. He talks about holding others accountable, but no one holds him accountable.

      • Anonymous

        You can call Lars all the names you want (liar, hack, etc.). It doesn’t change the fact that KXL and Lars get huge ratings which translates to $$$$. Radio is a business that needs to complete and make a profit to survive. Air Hate-America is a failure because it could not get any ratings.

        • valley p

          “Air Hate-America is a failure because it could not get any ratings. ”

          Absolutely true. Talk radio ranting apparently does not work for educated, thoughtful, reality-based audiences.

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