Lars Larson: He was an eco-terrorist

Do you suppose, just this one time, the main stream media could call this guy what he really is — a domestic eco-terrorist?

It was an ugly situation, a hostage taking, and in a very strange place, the headquarters of the Discovery Channel. The bad guy was an eco-terrorist. Why do I call him that? He had a gun. He had bombs. He took hostages. He threatened to hurt people and he did it all to push a political point of view.

By the way, according to reports from the scene, his political point of view was inspired by Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. He railed on his website against global warming, against human population of the earth. In fact, he called human population “the filth on the earth” and said the earth didn’t need more population. It needed a smaller population and he wanted the Discovery Channel to bring that about.

He was an eco-terrorist. I just want the mainstream media to call him what he was.

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