Oregon legislative GOP leaders on Nov revenue forecast


Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli
House Republican Leader McLane, Deputy Leader Barreto

Senator Ted Ferrioli Responds to November Revenue Forecast

Salem, Ore. – Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day) responded to this week’s November revenue forecast update with the following statement:

“Another revenue forecast telling us what we already know: our growing budget shortfall has left Oregon on an unsustainable path. Job growth continues to slow, leaving families with less income, while the legislature continues to overspend. With a $1.5 billion budget shortfall and PERS creating a fiscal aneurism for the state, the legislature has real work to do to get Oregon’s economy healthy again. We must come together in 2017 to get our priorities straight and set Oregon’s fiscal house in order before the hole gets any bigger.”

Statement From House Republican Leader McLane, Deputy Leader Barreto

Republican House Leaders Urge Oregonians to Stand United

Salem, Ore. – “Over the past week our state has witnessed an increase in ugly rhetoric and violent behavior. Protests in Portland have led to violence and property destruction. Students in our schools have seen a spike in prejudiced and hateful words and actions. Oregonians have pitted themselves against Oregonians. This behavior is not only wrong, it runs counter to the values of the Oregon we know and love.

“Too often in times like this, we are quick to point the finger at the other side. It can be so easy to let the lowest common denominators among us define our opinions of entire communities. But if we allow ourselves to only see the worst in each other, our state and our country will never heal from the divides that are currently threatening to tear our communities apart.

“As Oregonians, we are committed to putting an end to the violence and hatefulness that has scarred the conscience of our state over the past week. We, too, are committed to seeing and believing the best in our friends and neighbors. Oregonians have a long history of respecting whatever differences we may have and embracing the common values that unite us. May we embrace this Oregon spirit in the days and weeks ahead and move forward, together, as one, united state.”