Oregon GOP legislative leaders on September revenue forecast


Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli
House Republican Leader Mike McLane

Salem, Ore. – Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day) responded to yesterday’s September revenue forecast update with the following statement:

“While we’ve experienced recent economic growth, our state budget is not on a sustainable path. Hidden within the robust state employment average and breezy rhetoric about the strength of our economy is the stark reality of extreme poverty and chronic joblessness in rural areas where families are struggling to make ends meet. We’re facing $68 million in lost revenue next biennium, and a projected $153 million less in 2019-2021. With slower growth expected in the years to come, it’s time for the legislature to tighten its belt and start spending within our means so working Oregon families and small businesses don’t pay the price.”

Salem, OR – House Republican Leader Mike McLane (R-Powell Butte) issued the following statement regarding yesterday’s revenue forecast:

“Right now, Oregon’s economy is holding steady. However, there are some indications that things are beginning to slow down in other states around the country. Because our state is so interconnected with national and international markets, our government should proceed with caution. Now is not the time for significant policy changes that would not only produce uncertainty but could have a chilling impact on our private sector.”