Lars Larson: Wyden should not go back to the Senate

There’s something seriously wrong when a U.S. Senator changes course this way.

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden should not go back to the U.S. Senate because he is a major league hypocrite. He opposed ObamaCare. For that, as a Democrat, I have to applaud him.
The problem is, when it came down to a vote, he caved in.
He was the deciding vote. The 60th vote to say yes to Obamacare.

It forces Americans to buy something that many of them did not want to buy. The Constitution does not give government the right to make you buy health care. You can choose not to buy health care even if it makes sense to others that you should.

Senator Wyden said yes to make that a law all over America. Then, for his own state, he is now asking for an exemption. He wants Oregon exempted from a law that he passed and imposed on the rest of America.

That kind of hypocrite does not belong in the United States Senate.

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