Wu vs. Cornilles: Friday debate, plus Wu listed as vulnerable

Friday Debate: September 10, 2010, 11:30 am – Doors Open,Portland State University Place Hotel & Conference Center, Columbia Falls Ballroom, 310 SW Lincoln Street, Portland. For tickets youmust call the campaigns.

Wu listed as likely to lose:David Wu listed among “five members of Congress who could find themselves in hot water come Election Day, whether they know it or not:..”
“In a year dominated by economic worries, Wu’s Oregon constituents are feeling the pain across all industries. His district, which stretches from suburban Portland to the Pacific Coast, is socially liberal, but the GOP believes the combination of an ailing timber industry on the coast and job losses in the district’s inland hub of Washington County could bring out angry voters. Washington County has long been a swing area that determined the direction the entire state would take. And while the county has trended increasingly to the left, Republicans expect it to get big attention from former Portland Trailblazer Chris Dudley (R), the party’s gubernatorial nominee. If Dudley turns out Republican voters, that could help businessman Rob Cornilles (R) score the upset against Wu…” (Reid Wilson, “Five Dems Who Might Lose — But Don’t Know It,” National Journal: Hotline On Call, 09/09/10). You can find the full article here