Lars Larson: I think a pledge for America is a fantastic idea

The Republican Party has decided to try to get back in touch with the American public and it’s about time. They’ve actually learned some lessons from the Tea Partiers who went out into the street and reminded them that Americans are getting tired of Republicans not acting like Republicans.

The Republicans have released a pledge to stop job killing taxes, allow small business to take a tax deduction equal to 20% of their income, repeal and replace the health care plan passed by President Obama, provide resources to the troops, fund missile defense, and enforce the sanctions in Iran. That’s just the start of the 21 page agreement.

Will it do the trick? Only if Republicans learn to start behaving like Republicans. It’s been a long time. They’ve spent too much. They’ve strayed from the path and it looks like the Tea Partiers have finally brought them back.

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