Lars Larson: The Democrats chicken out

You would have thought the Democrats had more guts and courage than they do, but Harry Reid has chickened out.

They were talking about extending the Bush tax cuts, but only for the middle class. But, they can’t do anything for the rich or they’ll disappoint their base. If their base doesn’t vote for them in November there will be a Republican majority in both houses.

So, what does Harry Reid do? He talks about having a vote on extending the cuts for the middle class, throwing the rich people in America under the bus. Then, at the last minute he chickens out.

You see, the Democrats realized that people are reacting to the idea of extending the tax cuts to some Americans and not for others, especially others who happen to be our bosses. You see most of us work for those rich people. If they don’t get tax cuts there isn’t going to be as much money for salaries.

But, the Democrats have chickened out. They’ve decided to have the voters vote for them before they take up the tax vote.

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