Facebook backlash over Social Network movie

Facebook backlash over Social Network movie
By NW Spotlight,

It will never be the same for Facebook just like it was for Microsoft and Google which went from entrepreneurial American icon to national piñata. The movie, The Social Network is only the beginning of the problem. The film, The Social Network gives a scathing biography of Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg as a heartless and reckless inventor. Zuckerberg’s crimes are deeply personal and offensive (like sexually harassing his girlfriend by defaming her on his blog and cheating on his friends). Cinematic images burn lasting impressions into our minds that even a billionare will find hard to undo. The movie is the tipping point for all the negativism against Facebook to break out and we should expect it to become worse.

Consider the rising tide:

– Businessweek magazine cover story this week is “How Facebook Sells You.” And the attacks from critics on how they sell ads

– Facebook faces an eternal battle over invasion of privacy problems. This problem is an international problem with recently Canada launching an investigation.

– This week’s Rutgers’s student suicide from online harassment puts Facebook on the blame because it is the biggest of the social media outlets. Facebook, right or wrong, has the widest target for all of the terrible things people are doing online.

The movie and these problems will not likely cause people to give up Facebook as long as it works for them. It will increase negative press, attract lawsuits and bring unbearable pressure as it becomes publically fashionable to bully the bully.

It is no surprise that last month Zuckerberg rushed to Oprah Winfrey to announce a $100 million donation to public schools. He surrounded himself with Republican Governor Chris Christie and Democrat Mayor Booker.

How Facebook manages this backlash will determine whether its future is winnable or eternally stormy. Facebook is young enough and innovative enough to tackle these problems with fresh resolve and direct honesty. It will not be easy, but necessary to their survival.

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  • Harry

    “It will not be easy, but necessary to their survival.”

    Wrong. Microsoft survived just fine. Even after they became a convicted monopolist. They just cheated to beat Lotus 123, WordPerfect, and especially the Mosaic (later Netscape) browser. Survived just fine, and totally dominated their competition. Where is Novell, Lotus, Netscape, Sun or any other Microsoft’s competitors today?

    • pete

      Wrong Microsoft lost market share to apple who is now getting to greedy The invisible hand is never tied down John Locke the founder of capitalism should know what he was talking about he is the founder. To bad most of America does not know who he is. That is why we have corporate communism. American ignorance is killing the economy and other nations are starting to restructure with or with out us. Buy some history books America Glen Beck and his chalkboard will not educate you. You will

      • Anonymous

        Um… John Locke was the founder of capitalism…? You mean Adam Smith . . . right?

        John Locke is regarding as the *Father of Liberalism.*

        Adam Smith is regarding as the “First Economist.”

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Get real, Facebooks survival depends on whether it remains a usfull outlet for people or not. No one is going to stop using Facebook because it’s created once said something bad about his girlfriend on a blog or because some dopey freshman killed himself over a video. Look, if Paris Hilton had killed herself after her sex video got so much play most would regard that as a net plus for humanity.
    If Facebook remains technologically relevant it will survive. If it does not keep up technologically, people will give up on it just as they did MySpace and Netscape.

  • newbedave

    It all started when I was logged in to the Harvard website, where I was listening in to the conversations of the Harvard students. One of these students was Mark Zuckerberg who was talking about Face Smash and he had just broken up with his girlfriend at the time, so I struck up a conversation with this Mark Zuckerberg. He was talking about creating a dating site. I thought this was a bit odd – a pie in the sky idea since he had just broken up with his girlfriend and he was slagging her off – calling her a bitch and a whore.
    dave talked to Mark about the idea, and suggested he call it Face Mash. He was intrigued with my suggestion and thought it was a good idea. Mark wanted to call it Face Smash, because he wanted to smash his ex in the face. I convinced him that Face Mash was a good idea and he agreed, but one week later he changed his mind and wanted to call it Face Smash. When I queried him about this he replied ‘f…. off you c…- I’m calling it Face Smash’. Two weeks after this conversation he came up with the name Mashable and when I asked him why he chose the word Mashable instead of Face Mash he said ‘f,…off you bastard, Face mash is not your idea’. So I re-posted the conversations we had two weeks earlier and he had to apologise and said he was going with Mashable. I took this as a sign that he wanted to throw me off the scent and take the site for himself.
    dave found the character of Mark Zuckerberg to be deceptive and dishonest and ended conversing with Mark Zuckerberg because of his dishonesty and lack of integrity.
    After this dave started conversing with Dustin and Chris about an idea of mine called Facebook for an online service where students can post pictures and information on themselves and use it as a directory. They were very intrigued by my idea and wanted to know more.
    dave told them that in the beginning, it would be an online service just for Harvard students, and then spreading through the other campuses in America, joining them up together. The idea was to make it easy for people to connect with other university students so they could get an idea of what other campuses were like, and even eventually spreading through the general public, giving them an idea of what was offered at the different campuses.
    Dustin and Chris were very intrigued with my idea and said they wanted to be on board.
    dave talked extensively about my ideas of Facebook and went into great detail of how to get it set up and started. They queried about the finance of setting it up and I told them I was in contact with Tony Robbins, who was interested by the idea and we were having discussions regarding his financial backing of the project
    dave made contact with paul ceglia and was in discussion about a platform for the idea the facebook but zuckerberg found out and the cat and mouse game was on zuckerberg under cut dave but dave was not upset about this because if zuckerberg was going steal this it was going to bite back and yes payback is a bitch LOL

    dave kept in touch with Dustin and Chris and told them that I suspected what was going on.
    dave then found another contact at Harvard, called Eduardo Saverin and invited him to join me in developing my idea, and also to find out what was going on between Dustin, Chris and Mark, who were room mates. Eduardo was the odd person out.
    dave started to receive more emails from (supposedly) Mark, Dustin and Chris saying they were no longer interested in my project and said they had other ideas to pursue, which was untrue (as it has turned out

    Another interesting person dave made contact with was Sean Parker.
    At the time, he was running an online site called Napstar, and he was also working on another site called Wired Hog (where one could upload or download stuff and he had a copyrighted program to be able to do all this) and this is why I also invited him to join my project, as he had the program we needed.
    Sean wanted 55% ownership of the project for his input so dave told him this was unacceptable and then he turned round and told Mark Zuckerberg had made him a better offer. dave told him that Mark did not own the idea of Facebook.
    He then got smart and asked me if dave knew what emails were and whether I could produce any evidence. dave took this as an attempt to see whether I could prove everything that took place and for him to use this as a weapon to see if he could gouge out as much interest in Facebook as he could, and he tried to play me off against Zuckerberg to get the maximum holdings of Facebook. I received an email from Parker saying that Zuckerberg had offered him 5% and was I interested in offering him more. At this point, I told him to **** off and that Facebook was not Zuckerberg’s idea.
    dave then told Dustin and Chris that dave was no longer interested in pursuing developing the site with them and dave would go elsewhere to do it.
    dave found a site at Harvard called Harvard Connect (later, in 2004 changed to Harvard Connect To You) run by Cameron and Taylor Winklevoss, and dave explained everything about Facebook and the dealings with Zuckerberg, Dustin and Chris and how dave believed that Zuckerberg was in the process of stealing david idea, and Idave asked if the Winklevosses were interested in running Facebook on the Harvard site.
    They expressed enthusiasm in the offer and liked the idea of running the site as they liked the concept of Facebook.
    They told me that they were going to change their site name and redesign it at that time (to Harvard Connect To You).
    The person they called in to help them redesign their site was Mark Zuckerberg who then stole their platform

    U see zuckerberg got this guy to recommend him to the winkleoss and zuck stole the platform but not the idea zuck had stolen the idea from dave zuckerberg was not interested in facebook when he agreed to the contract with ceglia only the money it was the same when zuck spent eduardo saverin money and spat in his face your best friend

    Yes you did sign a contract zuckerberg In a email zuckerberg called paul ceglia a dum fuck sucker in 2003 i posted a copy to the crimsin post and the rumour spread that zuckerberg sign the contract so thank you for that

    dave then went to Aaron Greenspan who was running house systems at Harvard and asked him (under an email non disclosure agreement) to run Facebook on his site which he agreed to do. aaron greenspan used the (info) to extort financal money out of facebook and zuckerberg paid the extortion money and dave call it extortion U see zuckerberg new aaron greenspan new zuck had stolen the idea facebook .I sent all the emails copy to aaron greenspan

    ….THE FBI .there was a FAKE CONNECT 2U account filled with FAKE information david log a complaint to the FBI in 2004 on mark zucerberg the fbi got sent all the email david had on mark dustin &cris.. and to the crimsin post david sent a copy to them and the rumour started

    dave posted a copy of the emails to ben mezrick and to david kirkpatrick
    as for kirkpatrick your book is a joke and so are you .ben mezrick new the full story of how zuckerberg stole the idea facebook from david and new about paul ceglia and that zuckerberg sign the contract. ben book is not the full truth.
    david kirkpatrick got sent all the same emails that ben mezrick got sent ?
    Even LARRY SUMMERS new the full truth about how zuckerberg stole facebook you see when the winklevoss contact summers about zuckerberg summers new that the idea facebook was david idea and dave contact the winkleoss about the idea facebook

    David then made contact with Paul A Argentieri law and sent all the email contact with the aaron greenspan zuckerberg Dustin and Chris and tayer cameron winklevoss .ben mezrick david kirkpatrick
    David then transfer the email to Jason Zushman can be contacted at 204-896-7777 Merchant Law Group offices in Montreal, Toronto for the full story

    Wy didnt you tell the truth about how zuckerberg stole the idea facebook .chris in the last email to dave you said you cannot and the offer of cash payment to dave .was repulsive and was rejected and it looks like paul caglia is to takeover facebook you remember paul caglia chris

  • Ricky

    I just love Facebook. I meet all kinds of people there who really seem to like me. I tell them stuff about me all the time and I put up pictures of me eating pizza and stuff. It is really fun.
    I wish this silly movie did not poke at my man Zuck. He has helped me come out in the open with his great invention. I was afraid to speak to people before. I still am, in person, but on the Face I can really let loose.
    It has changed my life. I mean something now, not just to me, but to the many friends I have on the Face.
    I only hope they don’t track me too closely and try to sell me stuff because I am unemployed and can’t buy much after my two years of unemployment runs out.
    Face it – the Face is the bomb!! People who don’t like it or my man Zuck are just jealous because they did not think of it OR because they don’t have so many friends who want to know all about them.

  • Felipe G

    Are you high? Said bad things about his girlfriend in a blog? Who cares! Any organization the size of facebook gets its share of articles in Business week and being named as the deep pocket in law suits related to everything from suicides to scuba diving. It sounds like you have deep-seeded issues about FB and are seeign what you want to see. There’s no rising tide in the movie, other than setting the record for the most recut trailers and advertisements that never succeeded in making it look watchable.

  • I only know that Facebook is fun and a good way to pass time and also it helps me to drive to my Facebook Attitude Cover Pix Website

    • Ali this i also have website of Facebook Timeline Covers,, but this article is giving you the information beyond the enjoyment…. telling the problems the facebook is facing… every thing has effects both positive and negative,,

  • nice article admin 🙂 i wasn’t aware of such problems… Good Job!

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