Facebook backlash over Social Network movie

Facebook backlash over Social Network movie
By NW Spotlight,

It will never be the same for Facebook just like it was for Microsoft and Google which went from entrepreneurial American icon to national piñata. The movie, The Social Network is only the beginning of the problem. The film, The Social Network gives a scathing biography of Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg as a heartless and reckless inventor. Zuckerberg’s crimes are deeply personal and offensive (like sexually harassing his girlfriend by defaming her on his blog and cheating on his friends). Cinematic images burn lasting impressions into our minds that even a billionare will find hard to undo. The movie is the tipping point for all the negativism against Facebook to break out and we should expect it to become worse.

Consider the rising tide:

– Businessweek magazine cover story this week is “How Facebook Sells You.” And the attacks from critics on how they sell ads

– Facebook faces an eternal battle over invasion of privacy problems. This problem is an international problem with recently Canada launching an investigation.

– This week’s Rutgers’s student suicide from online harassment puts Facebook on the blame because it is the biggest of the social media outlets. Facebook, right or wrong, has the widest target for all of the terrible things people are doing online.

The movie and these problems will not likely cause people to give up Facebook as long as it works for them. It will increase negative press, attract lawsuits and bring unbearable pressure as it becomes publically fashionable to bully the bully.

It is no surprise that last month Zuckerberg rushed to Oprah Winfrey to announce a $100 million donation to public schools. He surrounded himself with Republican Governor Chris Christie and Democrat Mayor Booker.

How Facebook manages this backlash will determine whether its future is winnable or eternally stormy. Facebook is young enough and innovative enough to tackle these problems with fresh resolve and direct honesty. It will not be easy, but necessary to their survival.