The Daily Caller: Counties In Oregon Try To Bypass Gun Restrictions

By NW Spotlight    

Oregon is getting some national attention from Conservative news outlets on guns. Specifically, Oregon Senate Bill 941 continues to cause controversy in the legislature as some pro-gun legislators have sought to lift some restrictions in the bill while some anti-gun legislators have sought to add additional restrictions.

Jordan Fox for The Daily Caller wrote about the issue:

Several counties in Oregon that disagree with the law, such as Coos County and Wheeler County, have passed ordinances to give the county sheriff the power to ignore gun laws the county deems unconstitutional. They also “prohibited the use of county funds or resources to enforce any law that impedes the right to bear arms,” such as, “Registration requirements for legally owned firearms,” and, “Restrictions pertaining to magazine or clip capacity and ammunition type.”

Yet, even though counties have been passing these measures since 2015, the question of whether or not they are legal is still being debated today.

state pre-emption law states that the authority to regulate certain aspects of firearm sales and restrictions are “vested solely in the [state] Legislative Assembly,” meaning the ordinances are “largely very symbolic,” Ceasefire Oregon Executive Director Penny Okamoto told Oregon News Service

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