Executive Club Tonight: Measure 75, Sen. Telfer, more


Sen. Chris Tefler — State Treasurer candidate

Although Chris Telfer is currently serving as a State Senator from Bend, she is not a career politician. Because of that, Chris is particularly well qualified for the Treasurer’s job in that she is an actual private sector C.P.A. and has a career in developing and running five different successful businesses.

Bob Whelan — On the casino measure 75
Whelan is a senior project manager with ECONorthwest, to give an economic breakdown of Ballot Measure 75 — The casino measure. Whelan has some astounding economic data on how creating one of the largest casinos in the country will impact the Oregon State Lottery and local small businesses.

Oregon Executive Club Speaker Series
6:00 pm, Wed, Oct. 6th, Portland Airport Shilo