Ad campaign fights Son of 97 gross receipts tax

Priority Oregon launches ad campaign against Son of Measure 97 gross receipts tax
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon


The Son of Measure 97 tax is back in many forms at the State Capitol.   Standing up for the voters who resoundingly said NO last fall is a coalition of small business, taxpayers and consumers called Priority Oregon.   Seeking to remind the Legislature that voters have already rejected the equivalent of a sales tax on business, and that State revenue will only increase when the State has a healthy business climate. “Priority Oregon” has begun an advertising campaign this week — you can watch their video release above.   

Priority Oregon is interested in working with business groups and individuals who support the creation and maintenance of a strong economic climate in the State.

The most dangerous of the Son of Measure 97 ideas is a plan to create a “gross receipts” tax on Oregon businesses.   A gross receipts tax is effectively a sales tax.  Oregonians have rejected a sales tax nine times.   Nine times!   This comes at a time when state revenue is growing by over a billion dollars in surplus revenue.

The Taxpayer Association of Oregon is a supporter of Priority Oregon and so should you.   Please log in at Priority Oregon and sign up in their email watch list.   This is a great step at helping to fight back at the Son of Measure 97 gross receipts tax plan which will crush small business, hurt jobs, depress family wages and drive up grocery and gas prices for consumers.