Comparing Ponzi Schemes between Bernie Madoff and Gov. Kate Brown

Ad campaign compares Ponzi Schemes between Bernie Madoff and Gov. Kate Brown

By the Self-Serving Politicians are Driving Oregon into Bankruptcy Coalition

April 26, 2017 — The Self-Serving Politicians are Driving Oregon into Bankruptcy Coalition has begun a statewide ad buy to educate Oregonians on the $22 Billion PERS deficit crisis and how Oregon and its political leaders have gotten into this deficit. You can view the website at This is the first ad of a series designed to report on the Coalition’s research and inform Oregonians.

Coalition spokesman, Jeff Kropf, stated “PERS is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme that is driving local and state government towards bankruptcy. Self serving politicians who benefit from PERS are not going to fix it even though it’s going to hurt Oregonians”

“Oregon citizens need to know how this happened and why it isn’t being corrected before it devastates schools, police and fire” Kropf said.

For further comment contact Jeff Kropf at 541-729-6229 or by email at [email protected]


— You can view the website here at Oregon Ponzi Scheme.

— Learn more about the Self-Serving Politicians are Driving Oregon into Bankruptcy Coalition here.

— About Jeff Kropf:  The honorable Jeff Kropf is a former state representative who served for eight years. He was one of the rare lawmakers who refused to be in the taxpayer funded PERS program and refused to accept PERS benefits even though all lawmakers were entitled to it. Kropf believed PERS was a serious conflict of interest and it was setting taxpayers up into a costly Ponzi scheme — which turned out to be true.

  • Ronald B. Glynn

    First of all, truth matters to me. I do not care who will hate me by speaking the truth. As a life long Oregonian(1951), I am student of Oregon History and have been gifted with a long memory. I am also a 100% Conservative Republican and have 25 year track record of conservative political activism. I hate the Democratic Party and detest Governor Brown. I like smash mouth politics and would like to see the Oregon Democratic Party destroyed. However, I am not willing to pursue my goal if it requires lying to the Public. Neither will I stand by silently while people on my side spread lies to gain partisan advantage. To blame Governor Brown for the creation of the current PERS crisis is a blatant lie!
    Let me give you some history. After 4 years of college preparation, in 1976 I began a career in Corrections with job with the Oregon Corrections Division. At that time, I was told I would be a PERS member with 6% of my salary being placed into the PERS fund and that I would retire after 30 years with 60% of my final salary. Then in 1979, State Government under Republican Governor Victor Aiteyh offered to the State Employee Union, which they accepted, to pickup the 6% Employee Contribution in lieu of a pay raise. After that, it was downhill for PERS with a series of mistakes made by both Republican and Democrat politicians. What we have now is the result of the Law Of Intended Consequences. We are all in this together now as we look for positive solutions.

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