Lars Larson: The President owes the U.S. Chamber of Commerce an apology

The slurs began about a week ago. The President of the United States and his surrogates went to the public saying the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was taking foreign money and illegally injecting it into America’s electoral process. Now, that’s an ugly slur.

It’s an accusation of committing a crime against an organization where there was no proof. In fact, the President’s own man, David Axelrod had to admit to Bob Schieffer on CBS that there was no proof.

The President has finally dropped it from his speeches and no longer talks about it.

I think he owes them an apology. You say someone has committed a crime. You say someone who represents American business has done the American public wrong. Then, you find out there’s no proof of it. Mr. President it is time for you to apologize.

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