Victory: Oregon Catalyst Involvement Triggers Local Media Investigation into Union Contributions

By NW Spotlight

Last week, utilizing public data from the Oregon Secretary of State combined with help from local sources, we were able to highlight the massive investments being made by the teachers unions in Bend-La Pine School Board elections. State and local unions have been investing big money in order to gain an advantage in contract negotiations (currently ongoing).

Because of the combined efforts of Oregon Catalyst and others, the largest local newspaper in Central Oregon, The Bulletin, published an article further highlighting union involvement in these races. Appointed school board member Carrie Douglass (currently seeking for re-election) was originally set to “represent” the Bend-La Pine School Board in negotiations with the teachers and school employees unions. After she took money from the unions she was tasked with negotiating against, she will no longer represent the Bend-La Pine School Board in negotiations with the unions.

We will update this post with any additional developments.