Lars Larson: Illegal aliens now called the New Americans

I’ve always said calling an illegal alien an “undocumented immigrant” is kind of like calling a meth drug dealer an undocumented pharmacist or something along those lines.

I thought I’d heard it all till I heard the Governor of Maryland referring to illegal aliens as the “new Americans”. He was listing all the things the “new Americans” had not done to America like wreck all the banks or screw up all the home mortgages, or cause the federal government to spend trillions more than it had.

Yet, they have screwed up America. If we got rid of 23 million illegal aliens legally and mercifully we would free up all of those jobs for all of those Americans who are unemployed right now.

Wouldn’t that be a good thing for the United States, no matter what you call them, new Americans or illegal aliens?

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  • Bob Clark

    Lars, Lars, Lars. You are a little too red meat on this one. Listen. All most of us conservatives want is for folks to have the proper paper work if they’re in our country. Most every country, or union as in European Union, require folks to carry proper documents or be expelled. We also want them to learn the language of the country, namely English, or at least have the official language English recogonized as such. Also, respect the constitution. We need to make getting green cards and visas more streamlined while limiting some kinds of immigration. For instance, I am not so hot about allowing immigration from Somalia, a country which may not fit so well with U.S customs. “Black Hawk” down and some personal experiences make me particularly leery of this country as a source for immigration. I don’t believe my feeling is racial but more cultural, having to do with a disrespect for non muslims, almost caste like.

    There are some silver linings to legal immigration you should also acknowledge: For instance, increased social security revenues helping finance the social security ponzi structure. We also help give a better life to those coming to our country. And most immigrants are very nice people to work and interact with.

    • valley p

      Careful Bob. You sound too reasonable. You may get drummed out of here.

  • Scatcatpdx

    Lars you again are a skilled sophist of logical fallacies. First, there is a big difference between a meth dealer and undocumented worker. Except for indirectly by the one who sold me six years of corn, which I took one ear for deep fried corn fritters with maple syrup and two slices of bacon, most of the are harmless.

    A hundred years ago these Mexicans would be the New Americans, All one had to do was show up and be health and morally sound; that was until your protectionist forefathers messed things up in the 1920’s or so.
    Finally what simpleton foolishness to think kicking out 23 million will bring 23 million for Americans job; it is not the left that believes in the fallacy of zero sum gain. Forcing out 23 million will not bring 23 million jobs; many of jobs will leave and follow the Mexicans, other jobs will cease to exist, as it will be no long cost effective with farms going of business, finally higher food prices will result in greater economic losses. A greater insult to liberty is, telling a private business who they can and cannot hire.

    Bob I agree to point in the we need to reform and streamline the immigration and visa process, but the Conservative movement will hear none of this. Rule of law is just window dressing for the true twisted political desires of keep out immigrants for they may vote democrat, instead of reaching them and a sense of entitlement believing a job is a birth right. As for Somalia I say keep the radical Muslim out but, if I had choice, fly out every Somali Christian. If I have any reservation of Mexican workers coming to American is why just the Mexicans and leave out the rest of the Worlds poor. A better immigration program is securing the boarders, and institute a world lottery system for these jobs without restricting the quantity of these jobs.

  • Marvin McConoughey

    Illegal immigration poses a threat to our nation. We were, long ago, a largely undeveloped nation with vast surpluses of prime agricultural land, water, metallic minerals, and energy resources. Added population strengthened our territorial claims and enabled economies of scale. Things are now very different. We went from exporting petroleum to importing it. More every year. Water is becoming increasingly valuable, and costly to safeguard supplies and quality. In many other ways, population growth is no longer our friend, nor humanity’s friend.

    Illegal immigrants in the distant past provided much-abused, very low cost labor that cost little in the way of government services. In a labor-short, rapidly developing, country, illegals boosted the economy and expected few social services.

    Now, we face population pressures, and the consequences. Our petroleum production is on a long-term decline. Water resources are coming under pressure, and both quality and quantity are rising in cost. The infrastructure is failing and modernization costs appear nearly unbearable.

    Protecting national borders is one of the most basic and time-honored duties of government.

    Can illegals be returned in large numbers to their home nations? Democratic President Harry S. Truman and Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower both proved that they can be. If we fail our responsibility in our generation to stop illegal immigration, we face a genuine threat to our sovereign identity. Remember, Mexico, the overwhelming source of most illegal immigration, has no present major crisis. Given a national crop disaster there, widespread social unrest, or a national plague, we might very well find our nation overwhelmed overnight, should we fail to achieve effective border control.

  • patpacer

    We have many illegals here also, and it comes down to helping our own children vs. their tax sucking spawn’s.

  • Joe Stecklein

    It is ALL pc BS! Do we, or do we not have immigration laws? If I decide to go rob a bank because I dont think the bank robbery law applies, to me. Should I be tried and sent to jail. Maybe I am just stupid and dont get it. Who can decide what laws to obey. All, or, none. Why do we have laws in the first place. It is NOT A RACIAL ISSUE. It is a failure to obey the law issue. There is no doubt it effects good solid people. But, they know our laws BEFORE they CHOOSE to come here,that fact alone makes them lawbreakers. Just because there are 12,000,000 of them makes does not make that fact any less real. We are a nation of cowards if we fail to enforce our own laws!

  • Ricky

    These people always do the work Americans won’t do. Without them we would starve.
    Do you really want to starve?

    • Marvin McConoughey

      That claim, “without them we would starve,” is nonsense. We are not that willing to starve. Recall that every state has an agricultural sector. Yet, only a few states have a substantial illegal immigrant population. Most of the work I see every day locally in the farming area where I live, is done by white Americans. When I lived in a southern state, some workers were black and some white.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly! For instance, who would Jerry hire to pull his pud late at night in the Walmart parking lot, if not for these fine folks? There are very few Americans willing to do that kind of work, let alone for so little reward.

  • DB

    Has the whole of our American society turned into such a spineless bunch of pathetic pansies that we cannot even enforce our own laws? We don’t care if others come here illegally? We don’t care if someone with proven communist and socialist ties runs this country? Are we too damn worried about getting home to watch our favorite television shows?

    It used to be that our society was strong and men acted like men and stood up for American values. Kids had idols like John Wayne and Audie Murphy to look up to. America was great once for a reason, we were strong. This country was a bastion for freedom and justice. But now? Now we are the shining example of what happened to the great Roman empire. Citizens are so worried about their own comfort that they will go out of their way to insure that doesn’t change.

    Wake up sheeple!! Stand strong and do not let yourselves or this country be emasculated by the criminals, communists, and socialist trash that have invaded our country. Stand up and be heard!

    • valley p

      “Has the whole of our American society turned into such a spineless bunch of pathetic pansies that we cannot even enforce our own laws?”

      Oh come now. There are a lot of laws we enforce sporadically and incompletely. How many rolling stops are there? How many really drive under the speed limit on wide open freeways? And there are laws that should not be enforced. Back of the bus because of skin color? People were right to defy it.

      There are laws that are not fully enforceable, and illegal immigration is one of them simply because of the sheer magnitude of the problem, combined with our reluctance to accept a fool proof id card as a price of citizenship.

      “We don’t care if someone with proven communist and socialist ties runs this country?”

      Uh oh. Take the tin foil cap off now friend. If you play 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, you can tie yourself to socialism I’ll bet. Obama saved capitalism from itself. He bailed out the banks and left the workers hanging. He cut deals with big Pharma. He is hardly a socialist.

      “It used to be that our society was strong and men acted like men and stood up for American values. Kids had idols like John Wayne and Audie Murphy to look up to. ”

      Oy. John Wayne the draft dodger was your idol? And mentioning him in the same sentence with Audie Murphy, a true war hero, is an insult to the latter. But in the larger picture, time has marched on. The when men were men days are fortunately behind us. We are much more likely to take out a terrorist camp with a petite woman or closeted gay guy controlling the joy stick on a drone from 1000 miles away than we are with a big steroid filled muscle bound guy charging over a hill. Smarts beats brawn in a high tech world. Get over it.

      As for the rest…grow up DB.

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