Best 2017 Veteran photo

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Afghanistan wounded veteran, Earl Granville, finished the 2017 Boston Marathon.   Right before he crossed the finish line he grabbed his guide and lifted her and a flag to boot.   WCVB News has more:

Granville is a nine-year veteran under the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, and lost part of his leg in the summer of 2008 when his vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. Two of his friends died as a result of the blast, and two and a half years later, his twin brother, who also served in the army, took his own life.”My downward spiral happened after that,” Granville said. “A lot of hardships I faced, a lot of things I was doing. It was just very unhealthy choices I was making.”He picked up an active lifestyle to pick himself up from the rut and competed in multiple marathons, including Boston, Chicago, Detroit and New York using a hand-bike. Last year, his third time cycling the Boston Marathon, he finished just ahead of bombing survivor Marc Fucarile.