Oregon Democrats Attempt Voter Suppression Scheme

Oregon Democrats are concerned that their abuse of power in the Oregon Legislature could be limited by Oregon voters in November 2018. Today at 3 PM, House Democrats are preparing to pass a set of amendments to SB 229 which are blatantly intended to take Oregonians’ right to vote on referrals in the November 2018 election (when voter turnout is highest). Instead, Democrats want to create a costly and impractical special election in January.

Secretary of State Dennis Richardson estimates that “A special election in January is expected to suppress voter turnout by approximately 14%, thereby excluding over 270,000 Oregonians from the political process.” The January special election would likely disrupt the holiday seasons with mailers, robocalls, polls and more.

Finally, the Democrat amendments create an untested and slanted process for drafting ballot titles for these measures. A committee of four Democrats and two Republicans would write the ballot titles. The Supreme Court can review these ballot titles but is barred from rewriting them (which they are currently allowed to do). Instead, the court is forced to refer the ballot title to Oregon’s Democrat Attorney General.

In a final rejection of wisdom of Oregon voters, the amendments to SB 229 contain an emergency clause. Secretary Richardson and others are urging voters to call Speaker Tina Kotek (503-986-1200) and Governor Kate Brown (503-378-4582) to ask them to stop this manipulation of your democratic right to vote.

Voters can also email members of the House Rules Committee: