Voter turn-out danger for Republicans

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon PACWatchdog

Republican voters face a bleak primary in light of election returns as the ballot return rate is below the traditional primary average. At last glance, the Republican turn-out has been 29.46%. Although Republicans traditionally hold on to their ballots later than Democrats, the 2014 Primary it is looking more risky than normal.

Also, the average age of Republican voters who have turned in their Oregon ballot in this Election Primary is around 67. This is a bad sign for those candidates running as Republican.

Jackson County is seeing higher than average voter turn-out which is directly connected to the GMO Ballot Measure battle — which is just shy of 50%.

Washington County is seeing lower than projected voter turn-out for Republicans. This poses an alarm for the non-partisan County Commissioner races which will determine the fate of Washington County. If the County loses incumbents Andy Dyuck and Bob Terry, Washington County may resemble Multnomah County.