Lars Larson: Health Care has to be the next big battleground

After we are done with all the elections, all the counting, and some of it may take some time, we’ve got to get on to the business of health care.

The majority of Americans do not want ObamaCare. They’ve said so loudly and long. The fact is the President doesn’t seem to be listening. But, the Congress has to. The House of Representatives is going to be in Republican hands.

That means the President is going to have to do some bargaining because the House can defund ObamaCare. The House can make sure that many other things that are administrative in nature simply never happen. They can make sure that ObamaCare doesn’t get implemented by all of those agencies, even though the President is running them.

It is an absolutely essential task. ObamaCare is going to bankrupt business. ObamaCare is going to send a lot of American jobs overseas. Exactly the things President Obama promised wouldn’t happen under his watch.

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