Redistricting Cheat Sheet


2011 is when State Legislatures begin redrawing Congressional Districts based on new Census data. The November election has dramatically changed which party controls which chamber as the GOP swept in over 600 new Republican lawmakers into office across the nation. Here is the numbers of which party gets to re-draw how many districts.

Congressional Districts Redrawn by
Republicans: 196
Bi-Partisan: 86
Commission Process: 88

Note: Among the 70 most competitive House seats Republicans control 40 of them.
Source: John Fund, Wall Street Journal,

  • Ron Marquez

    What does his mean for Oregon as SOS does the redistricting. If it’s all up to Kate, nothing good will come to the GOP.

  • Don

    The SOS only does the redistricting if the legislature can’t agree on a map.

    • Anonymous

      Like when the house is split 30-30?

  • Matt Evans

    It’s unlikely, but it would be nice to see the Legislature agree to redraw the Congressional and Oregon Legislative districts in a non-partisan way. Secretary of State Bill Bradbury made an effort in 2001 to provide his party with an unfair advantage in Legislative races by including part of Multnomah County in as many districts as possible. While only partially successful in that aim, it is the kind of overtly partisan action that helps fuel public mistrust of government.

    • Anonymous

      Bill Bradbury was-is an evil sonuvabitch. Katie Brown, drop the “sonuva”…

  • Cuckoo

    If we want honest elections/redistricting etc. TAKE IT AWAY FROM THE CROOKED POLITICIANS! A national, local group of honored Veterans and Seniors would be the best choice to control our precious rights.

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