Check online to see if your ballot was counted

By Americans For Prosperity Oregon Chapter,

AFP has various concerns with Oregon’s system of voter registration as well as vote-by-mail. Both these systems appear to provide insufficient safeguards against fraud. We would appreciate it if you would visit this website and check to see if your ballot is marked as “received.” If it has been, you need do nothing else. If your ballot is not marked as “received,” please let us AFP know by emailing us at [email protected].

BEFORE YOU CHECK: please read these four pointers:

1) Sometimes you may get a “no such record exists” message when they enter their information. Please note that you must enter your name precisely as it appears in the voter rolls. This might include a middle initial or your full middle name – however you entered it when you registered to vote.

2) If your ballots shows as “not received” it does not mean it hasn’t been received, or that your vote was not counted (yet). The volume of ballots on Election Day is huge, and the County Elections offices must transmit the “who voted” information to the Secretary of State’s office. This could take a while, so please check back later this week if you get a “not received.”

3) A few people are receiving a message that their signature did not match. If this happens to you, please make time to visit your County Elections office today. Under Oregon law, you have 10 days to verify your signature if there is a problem.

4) If your ballot is marked “received” you need do nothing else. We are only interested in ballots marked “not received” that you know were voted.