Lars Larson: The TSA issue keeps getting bigger and bigger

There are so many different ways you can take this controversy. The fact is this, America needs a safe system for getting people on and off airplanes. That system should include profiling. It should not include special exceptions for Muslims or anyone else.

It should include the use of the best technology including those brand new scanners that can see under your clothing. If you don’t want somebody seeing under your clothing, you may have to go for the patdown search. If you don’t like that, don’t get on the plane.

This is very, very simple stuff. Start with the premise there are bad people out there who want to blow up Americans and the planes they ride on. We need to keep those people off the airplanes. They are going to use every trick in the book they possibly can.

It makes perfect sense. But, for Janet Napolitano to say patdowns are not intrusive, well, let’s see her take one of those patdowns and say that again with a straight face on the camera.

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