Lars Larson: A home invasion robbery

How many of us could handle a home invasion robbery and live to tell about it?

Gert Boyle is an amazing woman. Not the least because decades ago when her husband died an untimely death she took over the company, Columbia Sportswear, and built it into one of America’s most successful sports outerwear companies.

She’s now semi-retired, but she is the tough mother that she was made out to be in all those sporting goods ads.

I was impressed when I met her years ago doing television stories about her and her success, but I am even more impressed today. A home invasion robber attacked her in the garage of her home. She had the presence of mind to maintain her head and trigger a silent alarm. She kept her cool until the police arrived.

The man ran away and was caught long after at a McDonalds. When the police came to question her, one of the cops said, Gert, how are you doing.” She said, “Fine, until you showed up in that North Face jacket”.

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