Advice to divided Legislature from former lawmaker

A guide to success as a legislator
By Hon. Gary Wilhelm
Former Oregon Republican Leader in the House

1.) Remember the Golden Rule.
2.) When in doubt, vote no.
3.) Doing nothing is an option.
4.) Never say never.
5.) Make the decision.
6.) Your word is your bond.
7.) Be able to communicate in 30 seconds.
8.) Use discretion in how often you speak.
9) It’s the taxpayers’ money.
10) Respect the legislative process.
11) You’re on the air.
12) Say yes or say no.
13) Face to face communication is best.
14) One person, one vote.
15) Summer begins in June.
16) Bipartisanship, not non-partisanship.
17) The legislature is an equal branch of government.
18) Be an active member of your caucus.
19) Don’t over-meet.
20) Know the Governor.
21) Know the Rules.
22) Don’t forget your family.
23) Take care of your health.
24) Be patient.
25) Perception is reality whether you like it or not.
26) Listen.
27) It’s not a business and it won’t run like one, but good business principles can be used.
28) The lobbyist’s first concern is their client, not you.
29) Politics happens in the State Capitol.
30) The final product is usually more important than how you get there.