Lars Larson: The federal government now managing the internet

Why in the world would any sensible person want the federal government to be involved in the management of the internet?

The FCC has caved in. They’ve said they are going to be involved in regulating the internet. Not many months ago, about April of this year, a court said the FCC had no business regulating the internet. The problem is, the FCC has rewritten its regulations and is now asserting control of the internet. Like one of my e-mailers said, “If it’s not broken why does the federal government need to be involved in fixing it?”

Instead, they are pushing a concept called Net Neutrality where everybody gets treated equally. I don’t want a bank, or a hospital, or something important like the police to be on the internet with equal access as the twelve-year-old kids who is downloading dirty pictures in his attic when his mom isn’t watching.

We don’t want that kind of equality. I want the marketplace to decide equality. They are much better suited than the federal government that runs the postal service and Amtrak.

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