Rep. Buehler calls on Sen. Jeff Kruse to resign

SALEM, Ore.—Today, state Rep. Knute Buehler, R-Bend, today called on state Sen. Jeff Kruse, R-Roseburg, to resign immediately and released the following statement:

“The recent allegations of sexual harassment, misconduct and inappropriate behavior in the Oregon Capitol have elevated important conversations about workplace conduct, the role that power plays in relationships between men and women and the importance of validating women who come forward to share their stories of abuse and humiliation. What’s clear is that for too long casual attitudes and unprofessional behavior has been accepted in the Capitol. This unfortunate culture knows no party affiliation and exists whether you’re an elected official, staff, or lobbyist. This is a moment for change.

“I believe the multiple allegations against Sen. Kruse and I respect the courage of those who have come forward.  The behavior of Sen. Kruse has no place in civil society or the workplace. This is especially true for someone who holds the people’s trust and should set a higher standard of behavior. Throughout this process, Sen. Kruse has lost the personal credibility and ability to effectively serve the people of Oregon. That’s why today I called Sen. Kruse and urged him to do the right thing and immediately resign. And finally, I would also encourage the Senate President and Speaker of the House to not only work to improve the process and approach for addressing allegations of unacceptable behavior but, as important, aggressively work to change and improve the workplace culture that, regrettably, exists in our Capitol.”

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  • Ron Glynn

    Excuse me. You are wrong to imply that my state senator Jeff Kruse was elected to “serve the people of Oregon.” He was elected serve the interest of the people in his district. That is Political Science 101. Let us be perfectly clear. If you were not running for Governor, you would not say a damn thing. You are just showboating for your upcoming campaign for Governor. You want the female electorate to know that your position on this subject. I understand. It is just politics.

  • Robert Collins

    Buheler’s grandstanding aside, where is due process in these cases. She said it, somebody else said it, so now he is guilty? Seems like McCarthyism to me

  • Oregon Engineer

    Who ever is digging up dirt on Kruse is very adept at mudslinging. Throw out enough mud (disinformation, accusations) something is bound to stick (except to slick willy). Buehler is sounding more like an adult snowflake undeserving to become the next governor. based on his slick campaign promotions and this he sounds more and more like every other politician, bought and paid for by the party. This does not win my vote. I would classify him as all hat and no cattle.

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