Buehler Ad “Pattern” Exposes Brown on Wasted Taxpayer Dollars, Lack of Accountability

By Northwest Spotlight

Official state audits show major mismanagement in the administration of Governor Kate Brown. The Oregon Health Authority has been wasting millions. As Secretary of State, Kate Brown failed in her duties as chief auditor, presiding over some of the biggest big-government debacles in history. Oregon Newspapers agree that Governor Brown’s lack of leadership is responsible. Knute Buehler believes it’s time for Kate Brown to hire independent investigators to get to the bottom of this incredible waste of taxpayers dollars.

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  • Bob Clark

    Governor Kate Brown, the leader of the Oregon Swamp.

  • oregongrown

    It’s hard to express how bad Kate Brown is for Oregon, for the people that are trying to earn a living in Oregon. The Dems refuse to admit it, bragging about the current employment in Oregon, but the facts are with the highest tax receipts in Oregon’s history, the spending by the one-party rule Dem gluttons, no amount of money will ever be enough. The unbridled greed of PERS, the absolute dismal leadership on Medicaid with hundreds of millions completely wasted by these so-called leaders, and these so-called leaders still come up with a $1.6 BILLION dollar budget shortfall and then demand billions in new taxes! How can anyone have confidence in these leaders?

    And Gov Kate Brown? She has flat out refused to do anything about the grotesque monster that is PERS sucking up not just hundreds of millions of dollars every budget but increases of BILLIONS! The magnitude of those staggering numbers are insane and Kate Brown has refused to do what’s right for ALL Oregonians. All she can do is demand billions in new taxes.

    I cannot fathom why anyone would vote for Brown, but then I have to face the reality that she has the massive government contingent voting for their own meal tickets. They don’t want anything to change.

    I am voting for Knute Buehler for governor. We deserve to have a leader that actually listens to ALL Oregonians and is not bought and paid for by the government unions.

    • Granola girl

      Agreed!! I am volunteering for his committee because i hate her that much!

      • oregongrown

        Good. I’m thrilled. And I am going to be commenting on the difference between Kate Brown and Knute Buehler every chance I get.

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