Knute Buehler announces he’s NOT running for governor in 2016

Dr Knute Buehler_thb

by NW Spotlight

Last month Rep. Knute Buehler (R-Bend) announced that he was considering a run for Oregon governor in 2016. As Oregon Catalyst reported, if Buehler and Brown were to win their party nominations, it would then be a rematch of the 2012 race for Oregon Secretary of State.

That rematch won’t happen – today Rep. Knute Buehler announced “I’ve decided I will run for re-election to the Oregon House and not run for Governor in 2016.” Rep. Buehler said that he made the decision after “several weeks of careful thought and conversations with family, friends and supporters.”

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  • Jeannette Ellis

    So the jerk just tossed us to the Democratic party?? How sad 🙁

    • MrBill

      Not sure any Republican could get elected Oregon at this time. I think some major changes to the electorate would be needed before that happens.

      • redbean

        Dr. Bud Pierce from Salem is running and is an outstanding human being – but with that “R” after his name, he has an uphill battle that’s tougher than the cancer fights he often wins.

    • HBguy

      Really? You just called Rep. Buehler a jerk because he didn’t want to run for Governor?

      • Scam Adams Beerskis

        Rally now! Any day spent above ground with a right minded statesperson pe’ers better than any time misspent with left bling wastrels who’ve mulliganized 24/7 since 1988 in the sOREGON’s fairy tale gong crazy for aberrant behavior since, kapow, them’s came into glower.

  • Bob Clark

    Would like to see Democrat State Senator Betsy Johnson run for Governor. Wondering if it might be possible for her to also seek the independent party nomination, and this would allow registered Republicans to request the special ballot, listing the Independent Party primary election?

    I think Allan Alley will probably not run for Governor on the GOP side. The Dems papered over the approaching financial bombshells in order to retain power in the 2016 elections, and all but the most politically engaged know of the approaching state government financial reckoning. So, you’ve got a complacent electorate who have amnesia when it comes to Kitzhaber’s fall from grace as a Democrat party member.

    The Oregon economy has been powered by a good export market since digging out from the Great Recession of 2008 and 2009. But this is flattening out so state revenue growth will most likely slow in the next biennium. Against this slowing revenue picture, there is the Oregon State Supreme Court ruling denying PERS savings, there is a cut back in federal medicaid transfer payments, and There’s Oregon Health plan assumption of invisible public healthcare savings. All toll, about to $2 to $3 billion or more than ten percent of state general fund budget in shortfall come year 2017..

    So, the only outside chance the fiscal conservative has is maybe the once GOP now Democrat Betsy Johnson.

    • HBguy

      Johnson would be a great alternative to Brown. But how does she do in a three way race? Because she isn’t going to get the Democratic or republican nomination. So she could re register as IPO then get the Insependent nomination but then she faces Brown and Pierce/Alley/???
      In November.
      I’m convinced she won’t run as a spoiler. So, seems to me the GOP has choices if faced with a three way race.
      If Betsy is running second in the polling in say July, does the GOP get its nominee to withdraw and throw its support to an Indpendent Betsy Johnson?

      • Certainly seems so

        Would Oregon’s political landscape change responsibly if taxpayer’s only were allowed to vote concerning fiscal matters?
        Too, would a return to precinct voting sorely inhibit zombies and double-vote brain dead that vote-by-mail enables?

        • HBguy

          If only taxpayers were allowed to vote, It would change America from a democracy into something that is not a democracy.

          • F’n ISIL say so

            So what’s your advent of Dems steering US into a New World Order corral?

          • HBguy

            Win in the political democratic marketplace.

          • FIss

            The DNC marketplace is Mecca for what’s Left of US, twit MEChA, La Raza and Latino Kings take to it…much as ISLAM countenances or supplicates to ISIL

          • HBguy

            Then the opposition needs to build a better coalition and rethink some of the positions that are alienating natural allies.

          • Mid Range Consicerge

            Oregon would be better off if Gordon Smith had been retained as US Senator. That said, RINO Smith a better choice to replace disgraced Kitzhaber and paired with Betsy Johnson as Secretary of State. How ’bout them apples, Blair and Appells?

          • HBguy

            That could be a winning coalition. Though Betsy would never run for SoS. And Smith is enjoying the Wash. DC lifestyle. Regardless….Remember the Smith v Merkely 2008 result

            Merkley 49%

            Smith 46%

            Constitution Party candidate…..5%

            The GOP eats it’s own aided and abetted by the OFC and Oregon RTL which slathers moderate GOPrs with melted butter and savory sauce.

            I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

            But, here is a development.


          • Fork over the Dem’s strident

            Gordon Smith, Governor, Betsy Johnson alternate Lt Governor and Monica Wheby as Secretary of State: Portraying a canvas for a repainting over of what’s left a helluva of DEMs2begone canvas shifting toward the shoals where the Costa Concordia was set aground.

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