Value Pricing Policy Advisory Group considering tolls for I-5 and I-205

By Ron Swaren
The Oregon Legislature established a group to analyze possible “congestion relief” strategies for the ever crowded I-5 and I-205 in Portland. This is a popular idea, especially in anti highway urban planning groups. I had seen it discussed in the last few years on a transportation blog by a Portland Planning Commission member.

Since this Policy Advisory Group will report its findings to the Oregon Transportation Commission and the legislature it is important to get comments in now. They will only meet through the upcoming spring. We should be asking for new bridges in the Portland area instead of rationing the roadway that we already have. With tens of thousands of new residents in the Portland area and also increased freight shipments from California and Washington coming through here the congestion will only increase. But many in the urban planning crowd think that blocking highway development is the solution. Please get comments in now to [email protected]
Ron is a Portland resident and has been active in advocating for new Columbia River bridges. His previous articles have advocated for a western arterial highway and for a Third Bridge across the Columbia River.