Star pilot Greg Wooldridge runs for Oregon Governor

By NW Spotlight

Super star Blue Angel pilot Greg Wooldridge has announced his run for the Governor Race in Oregon in the Republican Primary.

Greg Wooldridge has an impressive resume. He was a flight leader for the Blue Angels, a Naval Aviator for the US Navy, a Commanding Officer for the Naval Air Station for which he earned the Presidential Installation of Excellence Award for the best navy base worldwide. Greg Wooldridge is also known as a national touring speaker.Here is Greg Wooldridge’s Opening video
“Greg Wooldridge for Oregon” from Vienna Productions on Vimeo.

Greg Wooldridge stated in his announcement,

Who doesn’t want to be better at what they do? Who doesn’t want to have the best team on the playing field? The journey to those goals is lined with highs and lows yet sometimes all we need to do is embrace a winning process and mindset. To find these promises of success one only has to study the incredible outcomes achieved by the best of the best in the high stress world of high performance formation flying. Leading a variety of these terrific teams has given me an understanding of the personal dynamics that are brought together when the team becomes each members “purpose larger than one’s self”.

You can hear his announcement day kick-off interview on the Bill Post Radio Show (Bill Post Greg Wooldrige interview)

The Greg Wooldridge for Governor website

Other notes on Gregg Wooldridge’s resume: Blackburn College, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Defense Language Institute Spanish, Naval Aviation Safety School and Board member of Oregon International Airshow. Gregg Wooldrige faces other top challengers Rep. Knute Bhueler and Sam Carpenter in the Republican Governor Primary to face the expected Governor Kate Brown int he General election