Long time Clackamas County Republican leader John Lee has formally announced his candidacy to replace the retiring Representative Bill Kennemer for Oregon House District #39.

Boring, OR – John Lee stated, “We were able to win many issues important to Clackamas voters over the last decade including: not having to pay for the Sellwood bridge located in a different county; requiring a vote of the people for urban renewal districts and before any light rail expansion; and the renewal of the Sheriff local option levy. I will bring this same leadership to Salem:

  • Fighting for lower taxes, fees, and regulations so that we can keep more of our hard-earned income and help grow our small businesses
  • Asking the difficult questions about government efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency so that we can start implementing best practices used successfully in other states and businesses
    • An efficient government is less expensive
    • An effective government gets more done
    • A transparent government allows us to hold public officials accountable
  • I am willing to tackle the 500# gorilla in the room—PERS. Sooner or later this $25B+ bill will come due and it is immoral to leave this for our children and grandchildren. As an example, allowing “spiking” to significantly increase retirement payouts for years is currently allowed and I will fight to stop this practice as well as including endorsements/ticket sales as part of salaries.

Mr. Lee has already been endorsed by many existing as well as former state political leaders including:

  • State Senator Chuck Thomsen
  • State Senator Fred Girod
  • State Representative Mike Nearman
  • Former State Representative Patrick Sheehan
  • Former State Representative Vic Gilliam
  • Former State Representative Scott Bruun
  • Candidate for State Representative Andre Wang
  • Candidate for State Representative Dan Mason
  • Oregon City Mayor Dan Holladay
  • Boring Community Planning Organization Chairman Mike Fitz
  • CCRP Past Chairs: Ron LeBlanc, Casey Flesch, and Tom Devanney
  • State Treasurer Candidate & Lake Oswego Councilor Jeff Gudman
  • Hood Republican Women President Clarice Moss