Rep. Gene Whisnant will not seek re-election

Salem, Ore. – State Representative Gene Whisnant (R-Sunriver) announced today that he will not seek a ninth term as a member of the Oregon House of Representatives.

“Serving HD 53 constituents and Oregonians for over 15 years when this term ends has been an honor and great experience,” Rep. Whisnant said. “I am proud of our office’s record of helping seniors, veterans, and citizens as they interact with our government. I’m also proud of the good policies we have passed concerning areas like transparency and accountability, PK-12 education, higher education costs, the health and safety of children and housing issues. I think my voting record and legislative bills reflect my commitment to commonsense and to taking whatever actions are necessary to improve the quality of life for all Oregonians.”

Rep. Whisnant was appointed September 5, 2003 as the state representative for HD 53. During his career, he has served as Republican House caucus deputy whip, whip, and assistant leader.

During his legislative career Rep. Whisnant had the the opportunity to serve on the Joint Ways & Means; Public Safety and Education Subcommittees; E-Board; Joint Legislative Audits; Joint Transparency Advisory; Joint Interim Committee on Public Education Appropriation; Education; Judicial; Higher Education & Workforce Development, and Human Services. In the 2011 “30-30” session; he served as co-chair of the House General Government & Consumer Protection committee.

Rep. Whisnant also served on the Oregon Commission on Children & Families, as an Education Commission of the States commissioner, on the NCSL Standing Education Committee, on the CSG/NCSL Task Force on “Employing people with Disabilities” and as ALEC State Chair and ALEC International Affairs and Federalism Task Force chair. He has received numerous awards from non-profits and service organizations throughout the years.

Rep. Whisnant stated, “I could not have served this long without my wife Josie’s support and professional assistance along with the other dedicated public servants who have helped me perform this duty. I believe I have earned the respect of the voters, legislators from both sides of the aisle, legislative support and staff personnel, lobbyists, my assistants and interns and will miss working with them all.

“I served in the USAF for over 27 years with over 13 different jobs and moved over 12 times, but I will have served in this job longer than any other with the support of the voters.

“I look forward to completing my term and being active in the interim and 2018 session. I have already submitted my two authorized bills for the next session. After my term ends, Josie and I plan to travel more and spend more time with family in North Carolina. I plan to remain an active citizen involved in efforts to improve the quality of life for all Oregonians. My work on transparency and accountability provides all Oregonians the means to keep a close look on our state government.”