Oregon loses a liberty light — Adam Mayer

Longtime freedom advocate, Adam Mayer, passes away.
By Jason Williams
Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Oregon lost an important cherished beacon of liberty, Adam Mayer, this past week.  I first met Adam Mayer when he was a leader in the Libertarian Party in Oregon and became a great resource for me during the formative years at the Taxpayer Association of Oregon.   Adam would later become involved in the Oregon Republican party.   Adam was always brimming with ideas, optimism and ways to help.  His wonderful spirit was ideally matched with his wife’s, Christiana, who also had a positive and kind spirit to her.  Together, they were the political couple in Oregon whom you wanted to be around and felt so much better being in their presence.

Adam Mayer sacrificed countless hours in the cause of freedom.  He diligently volunteered to protect the rights of others and work towards a government that was more open and more cost-effective and less wasteful and abusive.   Adam Mayer was a great soul who made Oregon a better place to live.  Adam Mayer will be greatly missed.

Adam Mayer was 47 years old.

Please extend your thoughts and prayers to Christiana Mayer and the Mayer family during this difficult time.

Blessings. Peace. Love.