Multnomah GOP Demand Portland Public Schools Turn Over Documents

By Northwest Spotlight

The Multnomah County Republican Party (MCRP) has issued an extensive Public Records Act request calling on the Portland Public Schools (PPS) to produce documentation of efforts to organize Portland students against Second Amendment rights.  As of today, the Schools are in violation of the Public Records Act for failure to acknowledge or respond to the request within five business days.[1]

The MCRP contends that extensive efforts by the Portland Public Schools to organize and support gun control protests are illegal and unethical.  The MCRP also expects PPS documents to confirm that these protests were not organized and led by students, but by educators and third parties.  “The Superintendent is on record stating that he asked school leaders to plan “a visible, school wide event,” said MCRP Chair James Buchal.

“These efforts are in obvious violation of Oregon law, which demands that educators ‘refrain from exploiting professional relationships with any student . . . in support of persons or issues,’” said Chair James Buchal, quoting Oregon regulations.[2]  The MCRP expects that when PPS finally does respond to the request, it will demand unreasonable fees to provide the requested information, and the MCRP has issued an appeal to members and others to raise funds for that purpose.


Public Records Act Request, March 26, 2018

  1. ORS 192.324(2).
  2. Oregon Administrative Rule 582-020-0035.