Beware Gov. Brown special session tax trap!

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

An urgent Emergency (yes, emergency) Special Legislative Session was called by Oregon Governor Kate Brown for May 21st.  Gov. Brown called the Special Emergency Session to discuss tax ideas with only a few weeks advance notice.  Not surprisingly, the media and lawmakers don’t know what is going on and what tax plan will emerge.

The Oregonian headline read “Uncertainty looms” and quoted House Speaker Tina Kotek as not knowing what is going on with the proposed tax and its amendments, “I really don’t know. At this point there hasn’t been extensive caucus discussion.”

No one knows what is going on!

The fake emergency session gives Gov. Kate Brown a chance to pass any tax in record speed and without adequate public hearings.

Gov. Kate Brown can even pass taxes and bypass the Constitution’s 60% vote (3/5 majority rule) for taxes. This allows politicians to pass hidden taxes with fewer votes than traditional taxes.

Gov. Brown has been talking about a tax cut but you may see a tax increase to pay for it.

Ask yourself these questions:

–   Do you feel vulnerable to a tax increase this special session?

–    Do you feel like you have no idea what is going on during the special session?

–   Do you feel helpless?

If you answered yes — then protect yourself with a permanent solution!

Sign the Tax is Tax Amendment (Petition #31) to outlaw hidden back-door taxes by requiring that all taxes must get a 60% vote (3/5th majority) to pass.

Gov. Kate Brown already passed a $1.3 billion tax on small business 40 days ago and the tax violated the 60% (3/5th majority) rule. The tax passed with fewer votes.

The Tax is a Tax Amendment would require 60% vote on all taxes — including hidden, backdoor and deceitfully mislabeled taxes like the $1.3 billion tax.

This petition Amendment gives you permanently security from hidden taxes.

The petition campaign has only around 30 days left to gather signatures.

We will mail you 5-line petition.

1. Email us a petition request at [email protected]
2. Let us know how many 5-line petitions you would like.
3. Provide your mailing address in the email

That’s it!

Please do what you can to fight all future hidden taxes with the Tax is Tax Amendment petition.

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