Actual quotes of politicians hiding taxes

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

“This is not a tax increase”
Rep. Phil Barnhart,
Revenue Chair

On SB 1528 Tax Vote, Public Hearing 2,28,18

“What we are NOT doing is increasing taxes on small business…We are not doing anything to anybody”
Rep. Pam Marsh
On SB 1528 Tax Vote, Public Hearing 2,28,18

The politicians said it “is not a tax increase” and yet the tax (SB 1528) raises over $1.3 billion dollars in higher taxes on small business over the next six years. Unbelievable!

Another politician describing her vote on the tax as “we are not doing anything to anybody” yet 192,000 Oregon small businesses will, in fact, face higher tax bills because of this bill.

How is $1.3 billion considered “not anything” and 192,000 small businesses considered “not anybody”?  This is hiding taxes, plain and simple.

SB 1528 steals away part of the small businesses tax relief created by the 2017 Tax Reform passed by Congress. Politicians are rushing to steal it before a single person gets the savings.

By relabeling and repackaging tax increases as something else the politicians are able to pass billion dollar taxes with fewer votes. These sneaky ‘hidden tax’ increases are intentional as they bypass the Constitution’s 3/5 majority (60%) vote rule for tax increases.

Sign the petition to stop future hidden tax schemes like SB 1528. This petition requires all government revenue raising schemes (hidden taxes, hidden fees) to require a 3/5th majority (60%) vote just like normal taxes. No excuses. No more lying. No more tax schemes.

Without this petition they’ll continue to pass hidden taxes with less votes than regular taxes.

Please respond immediately. The petition deadline is in a few months. Every volunteer signature is precious and critical.

Signing a petition is one of the most patriotic and democratic things you can do. It means you are taking charge of your state and actively participating in shaping future events.

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