Dorchester Presidential Poll

If you are not at Dorchester you are missing all the fun and a chance to vote for your favorite presidentail candidate. Let our site give you a chance to submit your nomination — plus comment.

Candidates listed below:
Bayh, Evan (Sen. IL)
Biden, Joe (Sen. DE)
Bush, Jeb (Gov. FL)
Clinton, Hillary Rodham (Sen. NY)
Dean, Howard (Chair Dem. Party)
Edwards, John (Fmr. Senator NC)
Feingold, Russ (Sen. WI)
Gingrich, Newt (Fmr. Speaker)
Giuliani, Rudy (Fmr. Mayor NY)
Gore, Al (Fmr VP)
Huckabee, Mike (Gov. AR)
Kerry, John (Sen. MA)
Kucinich, Dennis (Rep. OH)
McCain, John (Sen. AZ)
Obama, Barack (Sen. IL)
Rice, Condoleeza (Sec. of State)
Richardson, Bill (Gov. NM)
Romney, Mitt (Gov. MA)
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