Dorchester Presidential Poll

If you are not at Dorchester you are missing all the fun and a chance to vote for your favorite presidentail candidate. Let our site give you a chance to submit your nomination — plus comment.

Candidates listed below:
Bayh, Evan (Sen. IL)
Biden, Joe (Sen. DE)
Bush, Jeb (Gov. FL)
Clinton, Hillary Rodham (Sen. NY)
Dean, Howard (Chair Dem. Party)
Edwards, John (Fmr. Senator NC)
Feingold, Russ (Sen. WI)
Gingrich, Newt (Fmr. Speaker)
Giuliani, Rudy (Fmr. Mayor NY)
Gore, Al (Fmr VP)
Huckabee, Mike (Gov. AR)
Kerry, John (Sen. MA)
Kucinich, Dennis (Rep. OH)
McCain, John (Sen. AZ)
Obama, Barack (Sen. IL)
Rice, Condoleeza (Sec. of State)
Richardson, Bill (Gov. NM)
Romney, Mitt (Gov. MA)
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  • Jerry

    Out of this entire list the only one who would stand up to the terrorists is Rudy. The ONLY one.
    Makes the voting pretty easy, doesn’t it?
    The rest are pretty much either losers or insiders that can not be trusted. Most notably Edwards, Kerry, Gore, Clinton.
    Huckabee would be my second choice.
    Gingrich my third.
    Rice my fourth.
    The rest are not worth a vote.

  • Devietro

    Rudy is the emotional choice, not to say that he is a bad one but I just cant vote for somebody who runs on a security platform and 1. Lost his security “roadmap” and 2. Wants to disarm americans more than ANY of the other canidates on this list. All in all I have to say that Romney is my firm choice and that wont be changing between now and the primary.

  • I would vote for Newt unless Michael Savage decides to run.we need someone who is not afraid to stand up for America and not kiss up to the illegals for thier vote….

  • Rudy is a hoax. He is in no way a Conservative. Before supporting him, I would suggest reading up on what he actually believes…you will find that he is a left wing Liberal

  • Robert Faith

    We need to stand together as one when we do decide who will run for president. Right now Newt is the guy I am for but the debates will make or break.

  • I agree about standing together. Currently I am favoring Tancredo but Newt is in a close second. I do not like Newt’s morals.

  • Richard

    I am already burned over conservatives abandonment of limited government and capitalism especially over immigration and the so call culture war. The word conservative has no meaning to me. I can go for a social liberal like Rudy as long as he leaves us alone.

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