Keep Portland Affordable – Vote NO on Measure 26-201

By Keep Portland Affordable PAC

Only two years after the resounding defeat of Measure 97, Portland voters are being asked to approve a new gross receipts tax that will hit Portlanders least able to afford it.

Measure 26-201 would enact a 1 percent gross receipts tax on many Portland sales of goods and services throughout the city – both in store locations and online.  Worse, it hits hardest those who can least afford it: low-income households, seniors, and people living on fixed incomes.

As housing costs in the City of Portland rise and families feel the squeeze of monthly mortgage and rent bills, solutions should focus on making life easier on them. That’s not what Measure 26-201 will do. It will raise the cost of goods and services sold in the City by tens of millions of dollars every year by creating a tax on retailers, making it even harder for Portlanders to make ends meet.  In fact, recent economic research suggests it would cost Portlanders as much as $79 million a year.

Measure 26-201 does nothing to bring our community closer to a solution for housing and homelessness or make the city more affordable. On the contrary, it will raise the cost of everyday goods and services for Portland residents since businesses will simply pass the tax along to consumers in the form of higher prices on everyday essentials like many grocery items, clothing, phone service and internet access.

Help us keep Portland affordable. Vote NO on Measure 26-201!

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